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November 2020
How to keep your association’s members engaged digitally

Now we’re entering a new phase of remote. Depending on the location, some offices are beginning to re-open. Some organizations are starting to plan hybrid (in-person/virtual combo) events. No one is sure exactly how to plan for tomorrow. In this environment, how can you continue to engage your members?

Source: Your membership by Community Brands

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Event Planning
The Event Planner’s Survival Guide/Toolkit

While the meeting experience as we know it will be considerably transformed, what will not change is the core skills that meeting planners need to navigate these new norms. Planning for the myriad of contingencies is hardwired into the best event planners. As the industry awaits the return of travel and meetings, what’s most important now is to stay well and plan for better days ahead.

Source: M&C Asia

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Virtual Teams
Virtual “Storming”: How to Work through Tensions with New Teams

Remote teams face special challenges when working through tensions and difficult conversations. These best practices help move the team through “storming” to “performing.”

Source: Nobl Academy

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Video Presentation Tips
5 Ways to Make Zoom Presentations Engaging and Irresistible

A good way to keep attendees focused on your video presentation is to vary the content -- using charts, lists, wording, storytelling -- and change it up every two to four minutes, suggests William Arruda, a founder of CareerBlast. Then go through the presentation and see where video or pictures would be an even better way of conveying the message.

Source: Forbes

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How to run an awesome Q&A in your next presentation

You have a big presentation coming up, and you know there will be a question-and-answer portion following the speech. The unpredictability of this situation can make even the best speakers nervous.

Source: Take It Personel-ly

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Dress Code
What to Wear While Working Remotely

Your work-from-home clothes can be contributing to your overall productivity.

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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Content Marketing
6 Easy Steps for Getting Started in Content Marketing

Content marketing and owned media are going through a bit of a renaissance these days, and not just because they can be done relatively effectively without a working media budget.

Source: AdAge

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Online Learning
AI and Leadership

Associations are benefiting from another virtual conference asset: session recordings. After the event, virtual conference session recordings take on a new life by serving as a launchpad for online learning programs.

Source: Top Class LMS by WBT Systems

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AI and Leadership
How will AI change the C-Suite

A new survey suggests that leadership roles will at least be shared with artificial intelligence in the coming years. Now’s the time to think about the executive roles that can’t be automated.

Source: ASAE Associations Now

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A sense of epiphany

LMS: A viable option for associations

The AI-powered Association

T.W.E.A.K. for success

Association business model innovation

What is your association’s North Star?

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