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Who loves box sets?

I do. I do. And here’s a new one you haven’t seen before.


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This box set is based on one of my favorite tropes: OPPOSITES-ATTRACT.

Do you know why I like this trope so much? Because it definitely worked out right for my hubby and me. 😉

Paul and I grew up in the same town. We attended different elementary schools, but in 7th grade we both began our Junior High career with our lockers in alphabetical order: D. Robson was right beside P. Salonen.

And so it was for the next six years: people-pleasing nerd/rough-around-the-edges car guy. Except for one bold move on Paul’s part when he worked up the nerve to ask me on a movie date in eighth grade. For some reason, the person standing at my locker was my friend Margaret, so he asked her instead.

True story. We still laugh about it. But other than that one miscue, our paths rarely crossed…until our senior year. Here’s a pic from our senior prom. (White gloves!!! Wow. I wonder what happened to them?)

We still were an odd couple, but we clicked. We really clicked—like half a century clicked. And later this summer we’re heading home to South Dakota for our 52nd class reunion. I like to think the characters in these seven books will be looking back some day in the same way because…opposites attract. It’s a fact.

Happy reading, my friends!


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