ChabadMatch Update

Teves 5781 Edition 53

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Five New Engagements!!!!!


  • The Bochur signed up on ChabadMatch and did a search on the site and found the Kallah's profile.¬† His brother reached out to Shadchan Chana Bekerman who made the Shidduch!
  • The Kallah's mother saw the profile of the Bochur and reached out to Shadchan Chana Huebner who facilitated the Shidduch!
  • Shadchan Eliezer Zalmanov sent the Kallah the Bochur's ChabadMatch profile.¬† By Hashgacha Pratis they had recently travelled in the same car to the Ohel.¬† They shortly thereafter got engaged!
  • Shadchan Chaim Pil relates: "I met the two singles through their profiles on ChabadMatch and was able to successfully put them together!"
  • Shadchan Rus Kinn relates: "About a year and a half ago I reached out to a father who posted his son's profile on ChabadMatch.¬† He then sent me his other son's profile and B"H after working with them for some time, a Shidduch resulted!"


Automated Suggestions Now Coming to Your Inbox

We're excited to launch this month automated suggestions from the site which you will receive directly by email! The email will allow you to compare your profile side by side with the suggestion and advise if you are interested in looking into the suggestion. If you indicate you are interested, the other side will be informed of your interest. You can then reach out to a Shadchan to pursue the suggestion.
If for whatever reason you wish to opt out from receiving these suggestions or having your profile sent out as a suggestion, you can update the privacy settings on your profile.

The Rebbe: All Marriages Require Understanding of the Inevitable Need For Adjustment And Compatibility

Erev Sukkos, 5727

...Marriage in general, even between two persons of similar background, entails a certain risk as to their compatibility and how smoothly they will eventually adjust to each other.

   Even if the two had been acquainted for some time, it is no sure criterion as to what the relationship will be when the acquaintance is turned into a marriage, where the two will be thrown together under one roof for 24 hours in the day, day after day, and week after wee, etc. ...


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