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CAROLINE BOARDMAN CONSULTING business news and current offers.

CLIENT FOCUS: Madeleine of Birtles Mortgage & Financial Solutions Limited. Madeleine answers some questions, including what you need to know about getting a mortgage or re-mortgage when you are self-employed.

SPRING Tax tips, FreeAgent tips and Money Saving tips.

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CBC business news and current offers

Welcome everyone to my first newsletter. I'm Caroline, I've been running my accountancy practice for 18 months. I'm a friendly, family-focussed accountant based in Urmston near Manchester. I started working for myself to work around the kids and most of my clients do the same. 

Back in October 2019, I conducted a client satisfaction survey and one of the results showed that 75% of clients would like a quarterly newsletter, so here it is! 

The survey also produced an Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 85 which made me so proud of my little company!

What’s been happening?

  • All tax returns were in on time! Phew. There were a few close calls, which is why anyone whose tax return was done in January this time round; I will be aiming to move to before the summer. That’s a good personal challenge right there!
  • Emily Worthington and Michelle Long have joined the team in the last few months. Emily helping with admin and Michelle with bookkeeping. Both doing an excellent job and working flexibly around their baby boys, Sam and Oliver.
  • My husband Chris continues to look after anything IT related including my lovely website.
  • Autoentry software is now available to all clients to help you with keeping track of all of your receipts, and it integrates with FreeAgent too. Contact me for more details.
  • I am now a FreeAgent Silver partner! Which means the customer service for my clients will be even better and I get to put on these great events in collaboration with FreeAgent. The next one is on Monday 20th April 2020. Please come along. Get your free ticket here:-
  • Annual tax investigation insurance available from 1st April 2020 for £100 per year. Let me know if you are interested in this, this will cover the time I would spend to help you get everything together for a tax inspector in the event of a tax investigation.
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CLIENT FOCUS: Madeleine of Birtles Mortgage & Financial Solutions.

Madeleine is able to assist whether you are a First-Time buyer, home mover, re-mortgaging or a buy to let investor. In addition, she can provide advice on life, critical illness and income protection insurance to protect your mortgage or lifestyle.

I asked Madeleine a few questions that may be useful to my clients: -

1. Can I get a mortgage easily as someone who has only worked for myself for 18 months? 

Yes, the minimum time self-employed you need is just 1 year. You have more options once you’ve been self-employed for 2 years though. However, something to bear in mind is how your income is affected by going self-employed. The mortgage company will use your Net Profit figures from your ‘declared income’. Often when a new business starts, their first year isn’t a true reflection of earnings and it is often better to wait until you have 2 years accounts.

2. What will I need to show as proof of earnings to a mortgage provider? 

If you do self-assessment, you will need to provide your tax calculation (used to be called an SA302) and your tax year overview. As above, ideally 2 or 3 years, but it is possible from just 1 year. If you are a limited company, it is better to provide your mortgage adviser with your most recent accounts and also any self-assessment documents, if your dividends are declared differently. Most mortgage companies will write to your accountant for the info they want, however, by giving your full accounts to your mortgage advisor, they can advise on which mortgage company would suit you best, depending on how you take your income. For example – some mortgage companies will use your salary and dividends as your income, others will look at ‘retained income’ too on top of salary – so if you leave funds in the business, this might suit you better.

3. How many times my earnings can I get on a new mortgage /when I re-mortgage? 

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple, Mortgage affordability is now based on income and outgoings to calculate your maximum borrowings, so 2 families that both have joint incomes of £80,000 may have completely different mortgage affordability based on their family make up and different credit commitments.

4. What’s your opinion on the projections for the property market in 2020? 

Since the start of the year, the country has experienced what the media is calling the ‘Boris bounce’. There was a lot of uncertainty before the election as to how Brexit would happen. Now the conservative government has held power and the Brexit process has started, it has really stabled the markets and the housing market is now experiencing a busy growth period. This is the busiest start to the year I have had in 5 years and the estate agent I am based in is extremely busy too. Looking forward, who knows?

5. What do you think about shared ownership? 

A great option for people getting on the property ladder when they are on a career path where their salary grows each year and they therefore have the option to buy further % each time the option comes available. With shared ownership, you pay rent on the % you don’t own, this portion grows with the market value, as does the rent due, so really you should be looking to buy further % of the property over time or your costs will increase.

Contact Madeleine if you need a mortgage or to re-mortgage.

CBC Spring tips

Tax tip

It has to be my favourite subject – tax free childcare. If you or anyone you know uses childcare for kids age 0-11, they should be getting the tax relief either through the old childcare voucher scheme, which is no longer open to new entrants, or Tax free childcare. You can get up to £2,000 a year for each of your children to help with the costs of childcare. If you get Tax-Free Childcare, the government will pay £2 for every £8 you pay your childcare provider. So, if your nursery costs are £600 per month, you will pay £480. What will you do with the extra £120 every month!!? This is paid via an online childcare account that you set up for your child.

“If your nursery costs are £600 per month, you will pay £480 and the government will pay £120. That’s an extra £120 in your pocket every month.”

Money saving tip

On 6th March 2020, The Mettle banking app will be launched. This is a challenger bank, similar to Starling but is being launched by NatWest so has the Free FreeAgent License included. That’s Free Business Banking and Free Accounting software! No Catch.

“METTLE - Free Business Banking and Free Accounting software”

FreeAgent tip

When you create your invoices in FreeAgent, if you want to automatically email the invoice to the client on the invoice date, select "Email this invoice automatically using my default template". You can also have FreeAgent send automatic reminders if your client is late to pay, or send an automatic thankyou email when the client pays. Please note that to enable these features, you will need to set the relevant automatic emails up in the Settings area of FreeAgent.

"In FreeAgent, you can send an automatic thank-you email when the client pays your invoice"

Words by Caroline Boardman with assistance from Lisa Clennel and Chris Boardman.

Amazing illustrastions by Victoria Lysaght of TeaCup Doodles and Wonderful Me CIC.


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