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Yo! Podcast #015 - Danny Postma
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Danny Postma (@dannypostmaa) is a Dutch developer, maker and Landing Page specialist currently residing in Bali, Indonesia. In 2020 he paired his Landing Page expertise with a new passion for programming, to launch Headlime, an AI-powered headline generator for marketers. Fast forward a rollercoaster 7-months of working in public, with several product iterations, Danny sold Headlime for a USD 7-figures. Now financially independent, Danny spends his time building where his AI curiosity leads and has landed up working on and ProfilePicture.AI. We rap about AI trends, the shady lifetime deal black market, if dot com domains are worth the investment and the most common mistakes people are making with their Landing Pages.

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My favorite online finds.

Some random inspiration and resources. Experienced anything great recently? Drop me a link by replying to this email.

Aesthetic Terminological Compendium Brutalium - A print of design terms as black metal logos. Fantastic.
Interactive Guide to Flexbox - Josh W Comeau may just have dropped the guide to end all flexbox guides.
GenCup - Series of beautiful prints combining generative art, football and graphic design.
iPhone 14 Pro Clay Mockups By Daryl Ginn - Collection includes 12 layout options in light and dark mode, all featuring a realistic iPhone 14 Pro appearance and high-quality clay rendering.
Darting Destiny - If you need a 60s escape, this is the greatest leg of darts you will see in your life.
The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez - Full length surf documentary now playing free on YouTube. Changed my view on him being a nice chilled guy but still a fascinated story worth watching.
50:50 marketing coding split - Jon Yongfook finally wrote about his approach rotating marketing and coding weeks at his Bannerbear startup.
Pricing philosophy by Derek Sivers - Fun take by my favorite author and previous Yo! Podcast guest.
Secret UI Project Teaser - Juuuust not ready to share this one but here is a sneaky preview of something I've been working on privately for maybe 3yrs... stoked these "elements" will finally be online for everyone to reference and not just me.
Overberg by Jacques Naude - Beautiful short film (5 mins) shot in one of the lesser-known parts of South Africa, The Overberg.
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