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      A Christmas Message

      Fear not: for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people! This was the message from the Angels on high to bring to all the world; the message of Jesus Christ, the good news, the power of perfect Love that shatters all bonds of fear in every form. Let us unite this Christmas season to share this joyous proclamation to every man, woman and child. We have been given teachings from Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles, and, as he instructed his disciples, he instructs us still today, "freely ye have received, freely give".

      We at Take Me to Truth are deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue to spread Jesus' message as found in the Course. 

      We invite you and your loved ones for a Christmas message based on the Angels who were so instrumental to Jesus' mission, before, during and after his birth. 

      Please join us!

      From all of us at Take Me to Truth, we wish you and yours a very Peaceful Holiday and a very, Merry Christmas!

      DETAILS: Thursday, December 24, 2020, 6:00pm (MST, USA)


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      Not Just Another ACIM Workbook Series!

      Join Nouk & Coreen - ACIM Workbook First 50 Lessons

      Coreen and I (Nouk) are excited to announce that we'll be offering a video series on the first 50 Workbook lessons. We'll have fun "demystifying" these lessons so that they can be assimilated more easily. This pre-recorded series will be available beginning January 1, 2021. 

      Please email to be placed on the WORKBOOK LESSONS email list.  Make sure to include in the email that your interest is in the WORKBOOK LESSONS.  Looking forward to this!

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      Rick DiClemente Interviews Nouk Sanchez

      Well, that was a fantastic interview!!! Rick is a prominent, highly intuitive astrologer and author. In this interview, he asked me (Nouk) some pretty eye-opening questions. We talk about A Course in Miracles here and what it's like to actually "live" these principles. Enjoy! Click on the following link to watch the interview:

      VIDEO LINK:  Rick's Interview with Nouk

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      Jesus on Healing Self & Others Online Course


      Come and dive in the DEEP END with us.  This is where we drill down to finally SEE and HEAL the hidden CAUSE of all our pain, no matter the “form” it takes. This course will help to heal our relationship with Self and others, including our children because it reveals the CAUSE of all suffering. All healing is accelerated as we focus on healing the one cause while no longer attempting to heal “effects” with magic. We will be reading Jesus’ Psychotherapy, Purpose, Process & Practice, which was dictated to Helen Shucman by Jesus, after ACIM. We will unpack and examine this goldmine of healing together! Let’s receive the inevitable and abundant healing which is available as we join with other like-minded students of A Course in Miracles.

      DETAILS:  Begins Thursday, December 10, 2020 @ 6– 8pm (MST, USA)

      Please register here  

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      Total Transformation Course (TTC)

      Total Transformation Course (TTC)

       with Lisa & Mwanga

      Starting Wednesday January 13, 2021, 10:00am - 12:00pm MST USA

      The Total Transformation Course (TTC) is an awesome year-long journey with mighty companions! We dive into the deeper teachings of ACIM and The End of Death. We'll be using videos, audios, blogs, illuminating homework, and the key ingredient: sharing/joining in Holy Relationship with each other. Life-transforming!

      If interested, please email

      Are you ready for Total Transformation to your Spiritual Self?

      We have several hosts awaiting guidance and receivership of participants for our online Total Transformation Course. Enroll in the new TTC Journey with Lisa & Mwanga above or if Wednesdays at 10:00 am MST USA does not work for you, kindly indicate your interest by completing the form you will find at this link:

      Show your interest here

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      Holy Relationship Journey (HRJ)


      Coreen and I (Nouk) wish to thank all those ACIM students who have expressed genuine confusion in regard to the Holy Relationship. Many have said that their understanding is that their Holy Relationship is directly with Holy Spirit or Jesus. Others have said that as long as they look upon others as sinless then that in itself expresses Holy Relationship. In this video, we take the subject deeper to explain that a Holy Relationship takes TWO or more people who share a “truly common purpose” with Holy Spirit. Special relationships must undergo this transition if we sincerely desire to KNOW our incorruptible innocence. Holy Relationship is HOW the gap of separation is closed via direct EXPERIENCE. This is HOW we overcome the body and suffering. And this is HOW we overcome death. We hope you enjoy! Visit for our online programs and an extensive Blog devoted to the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles.


      Although it is not required, it is highly recommended to experience the Total Transformation Course (TTC) in order to get a better understanding of the Holy Relationship Journey (HRJ), as it is the foundation of Nouk's inspired teachings. 

      Holy Relationship Journey (HRJ) with Nicola Povey

      Currently running Wednesdays

      6:30 - 8:30 pm MST USA

      Register here for HRJ with Nicola

      Holy Relationship Journey (HRJ) with Coreen Walson

      Currently running Sundays 

      9:00 - 11:00 am MST USA  

      Register here for HRJ with Coreen

      Deepening Together—Holy Relationship Journey Support with Nicola

      Currently running Fridays 9:00 - 10:30 am MST USA

      Enrollment in Nicola's or Coreen's class (see above) automatically enrolls you in the Deepening Together Sessions.

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      Are you interested in joining

      one or more live zoom sessions?  

      Find these sessions on our Master Class 

      Calendar at this link

      Master Calendar

      Take Me to Truth offers self-study sessions

      which are not listed on the

      Master Calendar.  

      To find these offerings, please go to the

      Take Me to Truth Academy at this link

      Take Me to Truth Academy

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      What is Holding Space?

      Holding Space. Just what does that mean?

      In Truth, we are the immortal, infinite, glorious Child of God! All is contained within us as the Creation of the Father. We are Life of His Life.

      To hold space means to BE the spacious presence of the Essence of God! This is possible through the grace and mercy of Holy Spirit.

      As we are remembering what we really are, we begin to choose Christ Mind more and more as Trust grows in the Father. The small self is dissolved in Love and even when things get chaotic, we are the Peace. We remain in the Holy Instant which is Now. This garden within, the shared sacred heart of Christ, is our home. heaven on earth. And we live from there no matter what appears to be happening in front of us. 

      Remembering this in the One Mind dissolves the idea there is any 'other'. Thus, we heal our brother.

      VIDEO LINK: An Inside Peak - Holding Space

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      Oh Beloved!

      Grant that I might Know

      I am the Heaven I seek

      as Love shimmers where

      wounds once wept

      Oh Beloved!

      Grant the holy Peace

      nestled at the core of

      every precious trigger

      as I embrace mercy

      Oh Beloved!

      Grant that I might see Your Face

      in every brother

      and rise from small self

      to blaze as the Love I Am

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      Expressions of Gratitude

      From Susan Condon:

      About 10 years ago 'Take Me to Truth, Undoing the Ego' fell into my lap. I remember being elated, soaring with every page. But back then I needed desperately to fit into a world I believed was outside my mind. After creating a thousand brick walls and crashing into each and everyone of them; I find myself 10 years later, and this time 'A Manual for Holy Relationship' has fallen into my lap... Bless You, Nouk Sanchez! My soaring returns. Sometimes with pit stops to let it sink in, or to wait for the barking of ego to be silenced in the inevitable healing of my mind.I find the missing piece has always been connecting with others, humanity, and finding my innocence by knowing everyone else’s ... we are One!I had no idea that as I once sat in the isolation, deprivation, superiority/ inferiority of spiritual pride; I was cutting off the circulation to the true Life-blood of Being... communication, connecting, Oneness in Love.With bowed head and humbled heart, my deepest gratitude to this book and it’s divine message that shows me I’m in Heaven... and it’s messengers Nouk, Coreen and Daniel! Gratitude Eternally"

      From Sandy:

      Thank you for your participation in the Take Me to Truth Family. We are so grateful for you. Our mission is to extend the deeper teachings of Jesus to all who are called to join us. And thanks to all who have shared their abundance with us by donating money that we use to keep the mission alive! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

      Please donate here

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