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The most anticipated military artbook

"Men's Business"

Good afternoon !
I am Oleg, military photographer from Europe
We both do the same thing - I take the images that are meant to evoke a warrior sense in viewers - you evoke emotions in readers ;) So, my proposal may be useful for you
I have been shooting military and law enforcement units and reenactors for over ten years now. And after years of hard work I finally fulfilled my dream - I have put together to one book the best images I have taken
The book entitled "Men's business" is being launched on Kickstarter right now. Take a look, hope you'll find it worth your time and attention:

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I want people to see something more than just a photos. I want them to feel these feelings that dedicated soldiers have in their souls. And .. I hope you will too

Please support me by mentioning the project in one of your publications. I will be happy if the book come in handy for your own purposes. Your audience loves meaningful stories, and I try to tell those stories in every image. Thank you for you time and take care


Oleg, the author


Zestafonska str. 9-8, Zaporizhzhya


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