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Our Lady is in the Rockies

The new church won’t open until a few weeks after Easter Sunday, but parish priest Fr. Nathan Siray is already thinking about how one particular piece of sacred art will inspire everyone who enters Our Lady of the Rockies Catholic Church in Canmore. 

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Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46

“In the silence of the heart, God speaks. If you face God in prayer and silence, God will speak to you." Quoting St. Teresa of Calcutta, Bishop McGrattan invites you to a deeper experience of prayer and listening which the time of silence and stillness offers to us at this Season of Lent, especially when the future seemed uncertain and perhaps filled with impending troubles.  Read more.

Encountering God's Mercy through Reconciliation

“The Sacrament of Reconciliation is the most difficult of the seven sacraments because we have to really look at ourselves honestly,” says Fr. Nemanic, For many penitents, the experience of forgiveness can be transformative. Wonder what he would say to a Catholic who is worried about not having received the Sacrament of Reconciliation for a while? Read more.

A coming alive experience

Peter's faith journey started when he married his wife, Dina at St. James' Catholic Church. Although he was not baptized, he kept his promise to raise his children in the Church and attend Masses with his family. Read how his faithful encounter with God steered him to became a baptized Catholic.  Read more.

My spiritual encounter

After experiencing a series of set backs with her school, health and relationships, Mina, a catechumen at St. Patrick's Church, sought God's rescue through her fervent prayers. God's continual strength and guidance came to her aid in both life and dreams, leading to a conversion of heart and a desire to be baptized. Read more.

God never left me

Jeanette thought that she was never going to be a Catholic. But God had other plans for her. Read how she overcame the pain of abuse, guilt and anger in her life, and then rose above it. "God has an eraser of grace; He forgave me; the door of grace flooded opened." The Lord hears our prayers." Read more.

CFL legend thanks God for his body, mind and soul

“Miscarriages, moves, trades, cuts, injuries, God always found a way (into my life). I attribute it to my family and the Holy Spirit,” said Chick. Today this CFL legend is devoted to raising his own family in the Catholic faith. Read how he overcomes challenges with God in the centre of his life. Read more.

Shining the Light on Catholic Education

Joann Bartley did not grow up attending Catholic schools. It wasn't until she started teaching in one that she realized the blessing that Catholic school students in Alberta have. "They are learning to know our faith deeply and they live their faith every single day." Read more  

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God Squad's Men Conference

March 20-21
St. Peter's Catholic Church

Chrism Mass

April 6 at 7:30 pm
St. Mary's Cathedral

Outdoor Way of the Cross

April 10 at 9 am
St. Mary's Cathedral

Catechesis of Good Shepherd Training

April 20-25
Catholic Pastoral Centre

Time to reinforce fraternity & solidarity

Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development is urging for solidarity and fraternity in the current coronavirus crisis. Those with political and economic powers not to neglect social justice and support the economy and research. Read more.

Pope offers prayer to Virgin Mary for protection

Pope Francis composes a prayer to Our Lady, Health of the Sick, to implore her protection during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. “O Mary, you shine continuously along our journey as a sign of salvation and hope..." Read more.

A decline on Catholics’ concern on persecution

A new poll shows that although more than half of US Catholics are very concerned about the persecution of Christians in the world, that level of concern has sharply declined in the past 2 years. Read more.

More time to change legal assisted suicide law

Canadian bishops are calling on the government to use the extra time to have a thorough debate about the implications of allowing legal euthanasia and of opening up the system to more Canadians. Read more. 

Schedule for Triduum & Easter Liturgies

Triduums recall the three days that Christ spent in the tomb, from Good Friday until Easter Sunday.  Please find the Parish schedules for Triduum and Easter liturgies in our Diocese. Check schedule.

14 Holy Helpers for a time of coronavirus

In the life of the Church, COVID-19 outbreak is not a new experience. Learn about the 14 saints, known as “Nothelfer,” or “helpers in need" at the time of Black Death plague in the 14th century. Read more.

10 Works of Penance for the Season of Lent

As Christians, it is our lifelong responsibility to strive to conform ourselves to Christ. Below are ten forms of penance from the Christian tradition and what these might look like for you today. Read more.

AHS: Covid-19 coronavirus info for Albertans

The WHO declared a pneumonia outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus a pandemic with risk of further global spread. Check the current status of COVID-19 outbreak in our province. Link here.

Doesn't it make priests sad to hear about people's sins in confession?

Fr. Mike Schmitz shares his perspective from the other side of the confessional. He gives us a snapshot into what it's like for the priest, how they see the people who come to the sacrament for forgiveness. Confession is a place of victory.

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