Thought I'd share a personal update on what I've been up to in August, some big decisions that have been made, and what my next adventure awaits!
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It's been a pivotal month.

Before I begin, if this is your first time receiving an update from me - hello! I'm just keeping you in the loop on all the fun stuff I'm up to :) I hope you're doing well - and I don't hear from you often, so I'd love it if you also emailed me back with a quick update. if there's anything I can do to support you please let me know! 

A lot's happened over the past month. I started it off on "vacation" with a trip to the states, working with Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos, and my two best friends for a week (annnnd that's all I can say about it!), then spending two weeks at Tom Anderson's (myspacetom) house working on my next project, to quitting my job at TKS.

As some of you may already know, I dropped out of school and joined TKS as the first employee on the team two years ago. It's been the most incredible journey. As a part of my goodbye, I've written an article on the lessons I've learnt over the past two years

At TKS I was a swiss-army knife, a juggler of all things. I don’t know how to tell you what my role was. It was project managing, it was working with my best friend (who joined during my second year) as her manager, it was owning relationships with hundreds of schools, generating applications across 5 North American cities, building strategy for our community, literally managing our revenue stream and payments totalling over a million dollars… the list could go on forever.

Since then – other than having the best job over – I’ve been on a plane almost every month, hung out with some of the smartest people in the world, gotten poached to work directly with billionaires, developed countless 1-degree-from-Elon-Musk relationships (lol, although it’s true I’m not actually counting), consulted for the executive team at Wealthsimple and Interac, went from living in a 2-bedroom apartment with my family to having my own place smack downtown with the sickest friends… and those were all things that happened on the side! My bestfriend and I dryly joke that we can’t share 90% of the experiences we’ve had over the past two years until we’re older to avoid unintentionally stunting on people. Yes, even moreso than I already seem to have.

So… head scratch. After such a daaaaaaaazling and life-shaping 2 years why the heck am I leaving!? And during COVID? (Yes, I do feel insanely privileged to be able to leave at such a time).

I wouldn’t go if I didn’t have such a compelling desire to do what I need to do next: I think one of the next major evolution points for humans will be through our understanding and tapability into human consciousness. I have a can’t-ignore desire to deeply understand this.

What does that actually mean for the next few months? My main goal is to map out what reality(/ies) could be, and our experience of reality. That entails understanding the universe (big bang, dark energy and matter, time, space, theoretical phsyics, quantum mechanics) and understanding the human experience (neurobiology, psychedelics, consciousness as a science and as theories/philosophies, energies, the science behind emotions).

Is there an end goal in mind? Only to have understanding of what truth could be. I know my purpose in life is to impact billions. And I think this area could be the place I’ll do that through.

I’ve had so many other topics and opportunities I’ve dived into over the past year, but the magnitude of how compelling this one is needs my full attention.

I’m nervous, in a good way. Kind of scared, but excited.

This current stop on the rocketship is going to give me a lot of fuel to get to Planet Impact. Challenge: Learn everything I need to understand about the composition and laws of the universe. Hell yeah I'm accepting it! 

Oh, and, yes - I'm keeping the email 😉  I'll have both feet in as an alumni now, so you can still reach out to me about TKS-related projects and opportunities. 

I appreciate you. Talk soon,
Nazra Noushad
Nazra Noushad

P.s. My Twitter is becoming a good place for curated reflections, definitely recommend connecting with me there :)

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