# 3, 1-31 March, 2018


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 17, Giorgi Lomia, Alliance of Patriots of Georgia: “Firstly, it was Mikheil Saakashvili, who legalized territories to them and we lost 22% [of our territories]. He granted citizenship to about 60 000 foreign nationals, including 25 000 Turks in Adjara, who received citizenship during this period; it means that he created a threat in several parts of our territory and no one knows when this mine will explode, the mine left by him… We want this explosion to cause less harm to Georgia…” 

Kavkasia, Spektri, March 7, Gubaz Sanikidze, the United Democratic Movement: “The youth are running away and their place will be occupied by the Asians. European integration, what kind of European integration, what does Europe need here? Iran will enter, the Turks have occupied a part; so, Iran and the countries beyond it will enter; the Indians and the Pakistanis will appear; the Arabs are buying everything here and the Tbilisi Emirate will emerge soon; we should make David the Builder rise from the grave and call the Kipchaks again.” 

Asaval-Dasavali, March 12-18, Giorgi Liluashvili, Georgia party: “I failed to clarify at any government agency how many migrant children are studying in our kindergartens and schools and whether they have been vaccinated against bacteriological or viral infections. Who will guarantee that the migrants, who arrived in Georgia from Iraq, Syria or India-Pakistan, will not bring some specific viruses or diseases with them? Does anybody examine them? Does anybody know whether they have been vaccinated? Migrants who may be biological bombs are walking in our streets. Bacteriological weapon is not used only through animals or birds. One diseased person can freely infect half a city, no matter whether he/she knows about being ill!”


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 20
Nino Ratishvili, host: “Do you know what – if we open the door to Iran and Turkey for fear of Russia, we will soon become the minority in Tbilisi and Adjara and so on; which of them will support us more? Should we choose between which is the greater evil?”

Georgia and the World, March 9, Vazha Gurgenidze, author: “The Georgians need to awaken, to give birth to more children and save Georgia; if we do not behave this way, history and God will never forgive us. Do not give up our country to aliens who have already set foot on our soil.” 

Alia, March 26 – April 1, Levan Javakhishvili, journalist: “The government has get rid of the leaders and activists of the Georgian March movement and this was done upon the order of our liberast society in order to win the hearts of those thousands of aliens, who have arrived in our country illegally and are involved in thousands of misfortunes…”

Civil society organizations

Alia, March 19-25, Sandro Bregadze, Georgian March: “We all decided to march across the notorious Kutaisi Street, which is actually occupied by foreign criminals – I mean the Iranian, Arab, Turkish and, unfortunately, Georgian criminals… You needed to see how frightened these foreign criminals were, how they rushed to close their doubtful facilities and run away from the territory. Very small steps are left from the street occupation to the city and then regional occupation.”


Asaval-Dasavali, March 12-18, Ninuli Kavtaradze, citizen: “The society was concerned about the fact that migrants are in full control of several districts in Batumi and Tbilisi. It was followed by anti-government developments, among them widespread prostitution and drug-related crimes. It all ended by blocking the Kutaisi Street in Batumi last year and erecting the Turkish flag there. The situation is alarming in Tbilisi, on Agmashenebeli Avenue and Leselidze Street, where no Georgian speech is heard during night hours. The population of one of the Tbilisi districts, where the Chinese migrants have settled down, complains about missing dogs. We have specific information that migrants capture and eat them.”

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 31, Demur Giorkhelidze, expert: “Almost 30 000 foreign nationals, among them Europeans, Africans and Arabs, have been granted Georgian citizenship. Our people are leaving the country and someone boasts for the sake of funding that we are accepting others and that it is not dangerous. When million and a half of Georgian citizens have left the country and you accept 1.5 million new people, grant them citizenship and sell lands to them - it is clear that the state is being built here and it may be called Georgia - but it will not be the country of Georgians. Let me reiterate that the weakness of Georgian society, the irresponsibility for its own future and own children, which, unfortunately, has already infected the majority of Georgians, will lead Georgians to losing control over their own country.” 



Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 7, Vazha Otarashvili, Alliance of Patriots of Georgia: “Generally, it is the fault of Georgian government’s anti-Georgian course that allows the Turks to rampage in Georgia, Tbilisi and other cities, including Batumi, Adjara and pose a threat to this small country… How many people became unhappy, how many people were expelled and sold as slaves; they were robbing Georgia for years! Georgia has never had a conqueror bigger than Turkey and more insidious than Turkey and it should remember about it. I do not call on people for strife in order to declare them as enemies, but historical reality behind us should enable us to take correct steps.”

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 24, Irma Tskhoragauli, Alliance of Patriots of Georgia: “Only once when we quit our positions [in Sakdrisi[, because a mosque was being built in Batumi with the Turkish money and we expressed protest against it and we had to move to Batumi to hold a large scale rally there in order to stop this moment”.



Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 7, Bondo Mdzinarashvili, host: “Turkey has a permanent wording in its national concept with respect to Georgia and therefore, its interests had not faded away even when Georgia was the Soviet Socialist Republic. These interests of Turkey have been clearly outlined over the past decades and it has intensified its efforts during the last 15 years. We all know well that the countries are no longer conquered by fire and sword.  It happens through cultural expansion and economic expansion.” 

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 16, Matsatso Gakhokidze, host: “Considering the fact that according to latest reports the Turkish investors will build a casino in Sarpi, in the yard of a church, considering the fact that there are a lot of educational institutions, where children are brought to study Quran, I wonder how dangerous these and recent developments are for us, because as you know, there are a lot of Turks in Adjara and we hear less Georgian speech there; just this is the primary threat.” 

Georgia and the World, March 9, Giorgi Gachechiladze, journalist: “Considering the fact that the Treaty of Kars will expire in 2021, Turkey’s financial, economic and ideological expansion is even more obvious. This conclusion is based not only on the statements of Turkish government officials, who demanded us not to introduce the day marking Georgia’s decisive victory at Didgori on August 12 of 1121, but also on the fact of grabbing a great part of Batumi by so called Turkish investors and airing poor Turkish serials on Georgian TV channels.” 

Kavkasia, Spektri, March 16, Davit Akubardia, host: “Did the Republic of Iran apologize officially?... Did their spiritual leader apologize? Total massacre took place; they killed an entire division of our monks… Why should Islam become equal, while Georgian people defended their territories with the cross? We are a specific nation and we have specific territories.” 

Civil society organizations

Alia, March 12-18, Asaval-Dasavali, March 19-25, Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, Union of Human Rights Defenders: “Concrete examples of degradation and extinction!!! According to the Turkish statistics office, 557 Turkish men married Georgian women in 2017. Already a dying nation further accelerates its end. Instead of giving birth to Davit, Nino, Tamar and Demetre… Adem, Ahmet and Arslan are born in Georgia. Now, air Turkish TV serials and obey the Turkish government’s demand not to mark Didgoroba, you, the lawmakers, spying in favor of a foreign country - let them open Madrasas in Adjara and promote Turkification of Georgia and you will see how your treacherous and dirty lives will end in this country.”


Georgia and the World, March 1, Davit Isakadze, cleric: “The Adjarian population should come out and expel those, who demand building of mosques. Why do they demand? Do they lack mosques? Their mosques are empty, but they come out being encouraged by those treacherous NGOs and hold their rituals in the streets, pretending that they have no buildings. Simultaneously, the Adjarian population – I mean Orthodox Christians – is standing nearby and doing nothing… They will see what will happen after they are expelled from their own homes and only Tbilisi is left… of course, no mosques should be built anywhere; we should perceive it as a huge threat against our statehood.”


Asaval-Dasavali, March 12-18, Mikheil Tsagareli, astrologist: “Not Russia but Turkey is the main occupant today! After it seizes Adjara quite soon, then measure the size of the territory grabbed by “our historical neighbor.” Once Russia leaves the Caucasus region, Turkey will immediately occupy part of Georgia. It has already captured Adjara from economic point of view.”

Georgia and the World, March 9, Alexander Chachia, political analyst: “Our government has no say in Adjara. The Turks ask for our official confirmation only for the sake of politeness. Today, they can do everything in Adjara and nobody can obstruct them. The Georgian leadership understood well that control over Adjara would gradually move to Turkey’s hands, but who opposed it… I know about the protest mood of my dear Batumi residents; I am glad that unlike the government, the population preserves historical memory, including about the Sultan, but I call on them to be careful in their actions. If the Turks decide to build the mosques, they will do it, and if protests overgrow into ethnic and religious confrontation, Turkey will not act pompously. Erdogan will arrive in Moscow like he did in 2008, and Moscow has no ground to act as a deterrent.” 

Kavkasia, Spektri, March 16, Paata Koguashvili, professor: “The Muslims should not even utter a word; the conqueror came and defiled everything here… And why should we pay four and five millions to it [funding]? Why? What particular role did it play in Georgian culture, Georgian statehood? Today it again continues threatening that everything belongs to it.” 


Former government

Marshalpress, March 11, Alia, March 12-18, Soso Manjavidze, former member of the Tbilisi Sakrebulo: “Their goal is not to allow the launch of negotiations between Georgia and Russia, because it is not in the interests of either the West or our southern neighbor, Armenia, who actively tries to realize an unhealthy idea of Great Armenia.” Social network 


Kavkasia, Spektri, March 16, Paata Koguashvili, professor: “If anybody earned some money, they earned it here, in Georgia. The Armenians came here without anything, we gave them shelter and housing… we let them earn money here and they bought our churches damaged during the wars and built their own churches instead.” 

Discrimination on religious groups


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 26, Ada Marshania, Alliance of Patriots: “Do you know what I remember, when late Guram Sharadze fought with naked sabre against the Jehovah’s Witnesses… France has reportedly banned the Jehovah’s sect as an anti-state and very harmful sect for various reasons… Not only France, Nino, but many other European countries have also banned this sect of the Jehovah’s Witnesses; by the away, as far as I know, it was also banned in the Czech Republic…” 


Kavkasia, Spektri, March 16, Davit Akubardia, host: “The Jews may feel insulted but their religion has been imposed on them… Judaism and Islam both involve forceful teaching.”  



Alia, March 12-18, Gia Kruashvili, Free Georgia: “This country is ruled upon direct orders of Giga Bokeria and his team, their unhealthy ideas. We are already fed up with the rallies of these pederasts and other sexual minorities as if except of their rights, the rights of other people are protected in this country. Why do they need protection? Who bursts into their homes and insults them in the streets? Nobody. They simply want to prevail in the country and poison our people with their immoral ideas. These televisions are also ruled by Bokeria’s team; they cover all activities of these gays; if anyone insults them verbally, they invite them to TV studio and let them talk for hours.”

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 10, Koba Kobaladze, Georgian Dream: “I fell in love with a woman. Probably, I was less talented not to fall in love with a man. I do not know, I cannot see this topic; it is not a matter of discussion. I look at this issue this way – when someone argues today that special courses should be arranged on how to treat women and that we need a donor to fund these courses, my opinion is that I need a healthy family; I need ideology in the country that will ensure that a man preserves a man’s face and a woman preservers a woman’s face; we should always remember our roots; we should remember that we are not some landless peasants who do not remember their own language and [have no] opinion.”

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 11, Vazha Otarashvili, Alliance of Patriots: “You fill their [young people, children] heads with this liberal nonsense as if it depends on one’s free will to choose a gender, as if pederasts and lesbians can hold a parade and march from the Philharmonic Hall towards the Freedom Square.” 


Georgia and the World, March 16, Beso Barbakadze, author: “I cannot tell you where we are going to and why we are going, why we propagandize what the majority of population deems as immoral and inadmissible… And this happens after the Public Defender said that we violate the rights of sexual minorities and that the society should grow.” 

Asaval-Dasavali, March 26 – April 1, Jaba Tkemaladze, author: “Woe to the man who wears earrings; woe to the nation who begins to wear earrings; they will not get rid of Sodom and Gomorrah!... Simultaneously, let me tell you that I cannot distinguish between the men wearing earrings and those loving the men with earrings. A person burdened with homosexuality sins will never say no to blasphemy and will dare to do everything.”

Civil society organizations

Maestro, Mtavari Tema, March 8, Guram Palavandishvili, Society for Children’s Rights: “We protest against the rights of depraved people [LGBT community] to portray their lifestyle as normal, to display posters in the streets claiming that this is normal and that a man shaved his feet and turned into a woman.”  

Asaval-Dasavali, March 26 – April 1, Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, Union of Human Rights Defenders: “Georgia is wrapped in the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah! Those swearing at the Christ have launched an open attack. We will yield worse results, if insult of religious feelings does not become punishable. I think, time has come for the Georgian Patriarchate to come out and call on its parish to expel Sodomists from Georgia!”

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 12, Nana Devdariani, Global Research Center: “Recently, some transgender women released an appeal, according to which it is their right to have a child. I wonder, who asked that child, whether she/he has the right to live in a normal family?! I believe and I hope that common sense will win eventually.” 


Asaval-Dasavali, March 19-25, Spiridon Abuladze, bishop: “Georgia has never passed through such difficult and terrible days. Transgender and homosexual persons gathered outside the Public Service Hall and shamefully Georgian police officers were protecting them. Who should our government listen to, our saints or these “pederasts”? Mary, mother of Jesus will not allow such depravity; she will not give up Georgia.”

Anti-Western sentiments


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 10, Koba Kobaladze, Georgian Dream: “I look at this issue this way – we have already outlined that our vision is towards the West, but now there are many nuances in the West, which you may not like, but you have the right to say that we are committed to those countries, which helped us when we needed support, but we should also note that any of our actions are prompted by the fact that we are the children of this country rather than the vassals of others; this is how I think.” 

Alia, March 12-18, Gia Kruashvili, Free Georgia: “Pederasts organize large rallies, but when it comes to the national interests, people stay at home, they do not need a headache; I think that with the exception of some people, nobody cares about this country any longer. People do not come out even for the sake of their own social problems; they do not express protest. People have no sense of protest. The United States sees it well and makes our government, which is already full of its [U.S.] agents, do whatever it wants. If people confront their depraved policy with large rallies, they will step back. They are carrying out genocide against us, killing and massacring us, but we look at it absolutely calmly.”


Georgia and the World, March 16, Davit Mkheidze, author: “An unexpected metamorphose of our clergy is a great surprise; if previously our Orthodox church, its Holy Synod was considered a counterbalance to Russophobia, after the so called cyanide case, the members of the Holy Synod, who visited the United States and who previously fought against Sodom with stools, are now preaching that pederasts also are our brothers, that a stereotype about depravity allegedly coming from the West is the result of Russian narrative; they are talking about fighting against Russian propaganda and simultaneously focusing on an invaluable contribution of the United States. If you listen to this Paul turned into Saul with your eyes closed, you will believe that it’s Giga Bokeria rather than an Orthodox cleric. Anyway, rustling of green dollars is heard along with rustling of our senior clerics’ frocks.” 

Asaval-Dasavali, March 19-25, Sakinform, March 19, Arno Khidirbegishvili, editor-in-chief of Sakinform: “His government is to be blamed – at home among strangers, a stranger among his own; at home in Washington, Brussels and Strasbourg and stranger in Georgia, among Georgian people. The Euro-Atlantic course declared by the government is the reason for all sufferings and misfortunes. The Ten Commandments, Orthodoxy, King Erekle II and Patriarch Ilia II are dubbed in Georgia as “Russian narrative,” “Kremlin’s soft power” and “Russian propaganda.” The youth has been poisoned with “western democratic values” – drug addiction, homosexuality and same-sex marriage are declared as a normal and best demonstration of “human freedom,” and we, the Georgians – as “real Europeans, who are returning to their European family.”


Rustavi 2, Kurieri, March 17, Archbishop Spiridon of Skhalta: “We say the European Union, NATO! Do not you know that what’s happening there will also happen here? How can a Georgian man wish it, to enter the country, where such depravity is taking place, and live under their laws; how can a cleric even utter a word about it! Do you want Georgian solders to apply lipstick and wear earrings instead of being successors of the Didgori Battle heroes? What should one tell a cleric who prefers it and is moving in that direction; in my eyes, he is not a cleric.” 

Civil society organizations

Asaval-Dasavali, March 19-25, Sandro Bregadze, Georgian March: “Everybody, our enemies and friends should know that we will not allow depravity of Georgian nation! Georgian nation is the nation of huge traditions and civilization, which played an important role in the development of global civilization. Georgia is the last bastion of morality in the world which will fight against the entire liberast world. Yes, it will be Georgia, where depraved, decayed liberalism will be defeated and where flourishing of the national ideology in Europe will begin from!”


Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 20, viewer: “[Vladimir] Putin has banned for the next 100 years and does not allow any march of homosexuals. All those non-governmental organizations that are financed by the United States are good for that country. If Georgian March is financed from Russia, I can only welcome it. They finance those people who are patriots of Georgia. It is very good. Let them talk about why NGOs are financed from the United States.” 

Gender stereotypes


Rustavi 2, Kurieri, March 23, Zaza Papuashvili, Georgian Dream: “Do not make us prove that we love women and we respect women. I feel uneasy about it. A woman needs care and attention. If we talk about those women, who are employed in public agencies, let’s reduce their worktime, give them more time to look after themselves, their families and friends.” 

Marshalpress, March 29, Marshalpress, March 30, Vakhtang Shakarishvili, Georgian Dream: “I suppose that most important are eternal values, such as respecting women, rather than certain pseudo-liberal-NGO values, which are taught through the funded projects. Those pseudo-values that the Public Defender speaks about are nothing for me compared to such values as morality and ethics, implying respect towards women. This is a starting point for me, no matter whether it be politics or everyday life.” Palitra, 360 degrees

Obieqtivi, Gamis Studia, March 23, Zurab Tkemaladze, Industry will Save Georgia: “It was a joke about staring at women, wasn’t it? A woman tries to be beautiful in order to attract men’s attention and there is nothing bad about it.” 


Marshalpress, March 27, Bakur Svanidze, journalist: “The so called women bribed with the money of these foreign criminal organizations do not do a favor to real women. Against the background of a real psychosis, the majority of males will be reluctant to hire female employees. The danger is obvious. In case of even a small conflict or misunderstanding at work, a woman can freely accuse you of sexual harassment. Therefore, you’d better focus on men again!” 

Civil society organizations

Marshalpress, March 28, Lali Moroshkina, Strong Woman Strong Society: “Now, listen to me attentively, you, genetic trash!!! Is it correct to attack the best part of our guys trying to legalize you failed lives? If I had persecuted all those men who had told me compliments, a healthy part of Georgian population would not have been left outside. But you punish these guys just because of lack compliments, because they ignore your worn spirit and body. I also have men in the family and I warn you, just dare and complain against them. You remember well that I, who was grown up on chocolates and caviar, am not afraid of either prison or some people’s chuckling. Wake up, nation! Dignity needs care!” 


Netgazeti, March 28, Zaza Siamashvili, lecturer: “Why do these ugly, so called women talk about sexual harassment? Is it a new form of expressing envy or is it the reason of their hopeless lives? I would rather expel you from this country, to say nothing about harassment! I am looking at them for already several days and I could not find even one woman who can be “harassed”…. Even a mammal from the Zoo will not touch your breast… you do not have any! I apologize to my students because I could not avoid rudeness!” 

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