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December 8, 2020

Dear Quinntroverts,

Last month, I proposed some possible nicknames for my newsletter subscribers.

I expected that most of you would imply with your silence that you don't want a nickname, and then I'd quietly drop the whole thing.

Surprisingly, multiple people responded, and a majority voted to be called Quinntroverts.

While Quinnsights is a Quinnocracy, I am granting your wish—at least until I think of something better.

Read with your ears
TLF Audiobook

The Love Factor is now an audiobook!

Narrator Lori Prince did a great jobespecially with my villain, Brett Grayson.

In honor of my first ever audiobook, I created a video clip of one of my favorite scenesin which the icy professor, Carmen, eviscerates her homophobic colleague's research with big statistics words.

You don't need to follow the stats to enjoy the book. Just let it wash over you like technobabble in science fiction. All you need to know is that she defeats him gloriously, and it's very hot.

New feature
Awards and Honors

This is a new section of my newsletter, created in anticipation of winning awards in the future. Till then, the definition will be somewhat broad.

The first honor comes from author Lee Winter. Her new book, Hotel Queens, has a fantastic ice queen named Amelia who loves statistics and scolding wayward subordinates. Amelia has a deputy named Quinn.

Naturally, I assumed Quinn was named in my honor. Lee responded with laughing emojis, which I interpreted as confirmation.

However, when I continued to gloat, Lee informed me that she named the character in 2018, before she had ever heard of me.

At first I was sad. Then I realized, the fact that the character is still named Quinn means that Lee does not find me so annoying that she would rename the character just to avoid being reminded of me.

In a way, that's an honor. So I made myself this award:

Holiday edition
Free Recipe

As the crisp days of autumn give way to a chilly winter, I find myself craving hearty meals that nurture the body and stimulate the mind with a lot of convoluted directions.

In particular, I like to cook food that requires extensive prep work and dirties multiple pans.

After a long day of work and parenting, I have time for this. I'm also in the mood.

That's why I love this braised tofu recipe. It has lots of ingredients, so every bite is loaded with nutritional value. Most importantly, it's a lot of work.

Braised Tofu with Sicilian Herbs and Salted Onions

Ingredients: Sorry I am just fucking with you guys.

Directions: We'll try again in 2021.

Swag swag swag
Quinn's Qorner

Some of you know that my original plan to market The Love Factor was to send baskets of scrunchies to wlw bookstores all over the world. Then COVID-19 happened, bookstores closed, and the Trump administration attempted to dismantle the US Postal Service. It just didn't seem like a good time.

Recently, though, I spent all of November working through line edits of Worthy of Love—my forthcoming book about a disgraced attorney forced to work retail in rural Virginia.

Weeks of hard work depleted my willpower, and I found myself surrendering to my impulses in all other areas of life.

"I deserve this," I'd whisper to myself as I placed orders for tacos, cake, shoes.

Then one day, I was browsing swag vendors on Etsy, and before I could stop myself... this happened.

I ordered a small batch at first, just to see if I would like them.

I LOVE THEM. They make me so happy, and they make my hair look outstanding. A bulk order will happen after the holidays.

I'm not sure how I will distribute them to readers yet, but the first step is to acquire the scrunchies and hide them in my house.

Whatever happens next, Quinntroverts will be the first to know.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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