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Did you know that people need to see something 7 different times before they commit to buying it?

That means that if you’re putting ANYTHING in front of someone, they need to see it in some way, shape, or form seven different times!

Here are 25 different ways you can put your books in front of people to get more book sales or Kickstarter backers!

  1. Ask for feedback on content, ideas, illustrations, cover designs, etc.
  2. Share why you are passionate about your book’s topic
  3. Share a reason your readers struggle/love/hate your book’s topic
  4. Provide a list of books similar to yours (and include your book, of course)
  5. Share a positive reader review of your book
  6. Share a negative reader review of your book (counter-intuitive, but it works!)
  7. Provide a reason why you decided to trad/self-publish
  8. Share an excerpt of your story
  9. Zoom in on an illustration of your book that evokes emotion
  10. Share an image of someone reading your book
  11. Share an image/video of your book “in the wild” – on a bookshelf, at a café, in a library, etc.
  12. Give your readers a bonus digital gift (collect their emails to deliver) that’s related to your book’s topic
  13. Share an emotional story related to your publishing journey (happy, sad, funny, upsetting, etc.,)
  14. Share an obstacle you had to overcome to get where you are today
  15. Share a POV from one of the characters in your book
  16. Share a POV of someone who would LOVE your book
  17. Create a simple moving gif/video of your book – easily done in Canva with their animation features
  18. Create a simple page flipping gif/video of your book (no face shown)
  19. Read your book or an excerpt aloud in a short video (can do a voiceover if you don’t want to show your face)
  20. Share a big win or celebration of a major publishing milestone
  21. Voiceover an excerpt from your book with text overlay on a stock video (https://mixkit.co/free-stock-video/) if you have a novel or an illustration/spread if you have a children’s book
  22. Interview or feature an author who has a book similar to yours and include your books together
  23. Share a behind-the-scenes look at either creating, selling, or shipping your books
  24. Share an image of you signing your book
  25. And lastly, please stop celebrating National or World Whatever Days and create amazing content that engages your target readers instead!

I hope these ideas have jump-started your creativity! 

Have fun with it!

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Happy Friday!