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The Cre8tive Life

Issue 68- July 10, 2020

Issue 68- July 10, 2020

Hello Friends-

"Welcome back to "The Cre8tive Life"- your weekly newsletter full of lifestyle tips, smiles, and musings.

Well, we are (or, at least I am), officially 118 days into quarantine life here in The Big Apple. It's really hard to believe that I haven't physically been on the subway, or in the heart of the city for that long...This past week I have been learning how to FINALLY play chess (something I've been wanting to do for several years now), attending workshops, doing a lot of self-care and art therapy, getting things together for my virtual mixer tonight (I still have room for YOU to come if you're interested), watching all kinds of randomness on Netflix and YouTube, daydreaming of far away escapes, and doing a lot of prayer and reflection.

What kinds of things have you been up to as of late? How are you adjusting to some of the phased openings? How are you feeling? I'd love to hear from you if/when you get a moment!


Random stories, pictures, video highlights, and other life musings can be found on my personal instagram page (@e101) and official brand page (@thecre8tiveartisan) throughout the week (when/if I end up posting anything).

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Continued prayers that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy 

(mentally & physically) out there 💗.


My weekly (random) compilation of some of my favorite "cre8tive" things that I want to share:

  • FAVORITE WORD: Commuovere (v): to move, to affect, to touch.


  • ADVICE: “You don't wake up and become the butterfly. Growth is a process.” - Rupi Kaur


  • MOOD MUSIC: This week's mood music is brought to you by one of my favorites, Gregory Porter, and his tribute to Sting, in the song, "It's Probably Me."



  • THE MORE YOU KNOW: Emmanuel Acho has a very interesting series called, "Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man", that I think is worth a listen for anyone who is trying to explore ways to engage in those critical conversations that need to be had in the work to dismantle racism. 


  • LIFESTYLE TIP:  One of my vices during quarantine has been watching cooking videos. I have particularly loved going down the rabbit hole of the Tasty YouTube channel because there are sooooo many random fascinating things that intrigue me. One of the latest things I have been amused by are these cool One Pan Recipes. Let me know if you decide to try any of these, and how they turn out!


  • FEEL GOOD SHARE: This fun TikTok of these ladies dancing brought me all the chuckles and smiles. And, I hope it does that for you too!


As I shared in my intro this week, I've been in a perpetual state of self-care and reflection. I loved this graphic from @keelyshawart, and I thought I would just drop it in for others who may need to pick a little something from the jar.


This week's challenge is to pick one of the questions from the jar, and to journal a little mini reflection about it.


Hope you can join tonight! It would be great to "see" you!

Email me for the log-in particulars!

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***Totally disregard this part of the newsletter if you have already done this.

Lastly, if you happen to have any future topic ideas, or come across any events I should know about, PLEASE feel free to send those along my way. I always LOVE discovering and learning about new things! 

Have a great day, and be sure to take time to enjoy your life!


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