Dithering or Decisive?

Nothing in the universe is neutral. It either costs or it contributes.

~ Stewart Emery

Postcard from Barbara

There’s Still Time—But Don’t Dither

Time’s Running Out

Postcard from Barbara

Imagine that you live in Denver and come across the Colorado Free University catalog.As you browse through the wide selection of courses, one that looks like a perfect fit for you almost jumps off the page.

What do you do next? If you tend to be a decisive person, you might check your calendar to see if you’re available on the day it’s offered and promptly sign up.

If you tend to dither, you’ll put off thinking about it and turn the page.

Sounds harmless, doesn’t it? After all, taking or not taking a class isn’t a major life decision. However, your response (or lack of it) to opportunity might be more of a habitual reaction than a sign of clarity.

Decisive people have given great thought to what they want to create in their lives. They focus on what they want to do or be while remaining open to the possibility that how it will happen may be something they haven’t even imagined.

On the other hand, ditherers stop themselves before they even start with that dream bashing question: how you gonna do that? (I think that might be the voice of the schoolyard bully that they forgot to banish from their heads.)

No matter which category you fall into, here’s a simple way to make better decisions over and over again. With every decision you’re facing, ask yourself, “Will it cost or will it contribute?” 

That question will give you clarity. Say yes to those actions and opportunities that contribute to the dreams you are building. Then take the next tiny step.

Dithering hates it when that happens.

There’s Still Time—But Don’t Dither

What if you had a tool chest filled with ideas and information you could use when business slows down or you launch a new project or you need a new adventure? 

That’s exactly what you’ll find in my new program Small, Sassy & Successful. Both practical and inspiring, I’m willing to bet that if you join me, you’ll find yourself thinking, “Wow! I never thought of that. Can’t wait to try it out.”

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PS: If you don’t live in Nashville, consider making a road trip. Even better, get another self-employed friend to join you. You’re bound to have a really lively conversation on the way home. 

Time’s Running Out

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