Grazie Mille!

There’s an unspeakable pleasure attending the life of a voluntary student.

~ Oliver Goldsmith

Postcard from Barbara

Grazie Mille!

Postcard from Barbara

During the days when I taught high school English, I would never have assigned a book that I hadn’t read myself.  That carried over into my self-employment journey where I vowed to only recommend things I’d found worthwhile

That showed up in other ways as well. I decided to treat my business as a laboratory where I would experiment, test ideas, pay close attention to what worked—and what didn’t. I vowed to never teach what I hadn’t learned myself.

What I didn’t know back at the beginning was that the learning would never end. My curiosity never went on vacation. 

There have been some wonderful surprises, of course. Along the way, I filled up two passports with stamps as I discovered my business could support my wanderlust. On top of that my travels became legitimate tax deductions.

While we all know that we’re living in a big, noisy Information Age, I’ve been thinking a lately about how incredibly valuable genuine learning is. The real thing goes way beyond a quick Google search.

I’m not the only one who has found being in a room with curious explorers is amazingly valuable.

My mentor, Bob Conklin, once added up all his investments including real estate, stocks, and money spent on attending seminars. He concluded that the biggest returns came from

the time and money spent learning.  

Earlier this year, I began to gather my best business practices. At the beginning, I was just reviewing my lab results and checking to see if I was forgetting anything. 

I even surprised myself at how much great information I had gathered. I’m pretty sure I  said, “Wow” dozens of times. 

As the list began growing, so did my desire to share these best practices with others. Could I do so in a weekend event? 

It seemed daunting, but with a bit of editing I knew that I could share the brightest and best ideas that have kept me joyfully jobless for over three decades. 

And I’d love to pass them along to you. If you join me in Nashville on September 14 & 15 for the upcoming Small, Sassy and Successful, I promise you’ll leave with a toolbox filled with ideas and information that will make running your own business even more fun and profitable. 

If you’re ready to stop looking for formulas and ready to start looking for ideas—and grow the ones you’ve already got—make plans now to attend. 

Is Small, Sassy and Successful for you? It is if you:

  • Are ready with an idea
  • Know your passions
  • Think small is still beautiful
  • See business as a creative outlet for those passions
  • Are feeling a little stuck
  • Get excited by new ideas

Don’t live in Nashville?  Besides having a change of scenery, spending time in a room with kindred spirits, and gathering some fresh ideas, you could also make this a tax deductible trip. 

Want to save even more money? Take advantage of the Early Bird pricing of just $199 before it ends on August 15.  

Investigate further here:

Take a Look

We’ll be gathering at Amqui Station in Madison, Tennessee. Can’t wait to explore this place.

Grazie Mille!

The tele class audio sale was a big success. Thank you to everyone who kept me busy mailing out links. 

Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

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