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Share a Coffee

Good Tuesday Morning!

Welcome to Issue #10 of Share a Coffee! Today we'll be sharing a coffee with Anna Sabatini!

Anna Sabatini - @anna_sabanna

Anna moved to the US from Ukraine and started her web design freelance career from scratch. She learned HTML, CSS, how to use Webflow, and started helping others solve their problems and achieve their goals with that platform.

In 2016, Anna joined the Webflow team as a Quality Specialist. She is the author of the "MixitUp in Webflow" tutorial about integrating the filtering library into the Webflow website and many others on the forum.

In 2018 she presented a workshop "Everything you ever wanted to know about Webflow Interactions" at the NoCode conference.

As a hobby, she likes to paint and has an Instagram account where she shares her art creations.

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Kitchener, ON Canada

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