February 2023

Celebrating 10 years

On the 2nd of December, a beautiful gathering assembled at the historical Höfdi House in Reykjavík belonging to the City of Reykjavík, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Spirit of Humanity Forum. A warm circle of close friends who have been part of founding and supporting the Spirit of Humanity Forum through the years sat with the Forums managing team to recall how it all started and look into the future together. 

The Spirit of Humanity Forum started as an idea from a group in the Gulf State of Oman. Given its role as a peacemaker in the region, it seemed an obvious place for bringing together leaders to explore the role of spiritual values in decision-making. Iceland was also on the horizon for this work which the Brahma Kumaris and Education for Peace studied closer. We chose the name Spirit of Humanity Forum to reflect the deep exploration of the connection between our inner spiritual values and the world around us. Those who helped establish Iceland as the home of the Spirit of Humanity Forum were —Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir, former Foreign Minister of Iceland, Jón Gnarr, then Mayor of Reykjavík and the late Sigrún Olsen and Thor Bardðal, who were directors of the Brahma Kumaris in Iceland. With the support of the City of Reykjavik, the first Spirit of Humanity Forum took place in 2012.

Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jón Gnarr, former Mayor of Reykjavík, Óttarr Proppé, Project Manager, Ministry of Education, Svanhildur Konráðsdóttir, Director, Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Kristín Vala Ragnarsdóttir, professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland, Revd Hjörtur Magni Jóhannsson, Minister & Director of Reykjavík Lutheran Free Church to mention a few.

Healing a World in Crisis

Leading with Authenticity and Love

31 May to 3rd June 2023 Reykjavík

For the first time, the Spirit of Humanity Forum will take the form of a retreat for leaders to provide the possibility of a more in-depth exploration of the theme. It will offer its well-recognised, safe, and nurturing atmosphere using the three pillars of dialogue, listening and silence. The event's purpose is to explore the role of authenticity and love in healing our systems as much as in healing ourselves. The intention is to create a comfortable forum for values-oriented leaders to share and listen to personal narratives of reconciliation and inner strength in times of adversity. The retreat will offer a spiritual atmosphere with spaces of silence to support more profound reflections, insights and growth. The arts will play a central role in creating inspiration, helping us see new perspectives. Through sharing our significant experiences, we will explore together the power of leading with authenticity and love and how this can help our world heal. There will be no online sessions - all participants will be in person.

The Prime Minister's Office is supporting our Forum for the first time

We are honoured and delighted to announce that the Icelandic Prime Minister's Office supports the 2023 Forum. Katrín Jakobsdóttir, PM of Iceland, will also be one of the Forum's contributors this year.

Spirit of Humanity Brochure

Please look at our beautiful and inspiring online brochure and share it with those you think might be interested in attending the Forum. The Forum is invitation-only with limited spaces, but we welcome leaders and change-makers worldwide to send us a line if they are interested in participating. 


Our dear friend Cees Hoogendijk just completed a book on how organisations can create their own future called Genarrative. The book is 280 pages of inquisitive adventures, practical science and challenging practices to recognize and foster generativity in organizations and communities. It is based on Cees five-year PhD research into the concept of Organizational Generativity, aiming to contribute to the capability of organisations to thrive, to flourish and leave a promising future behind for their successors. The book is also his personal story through the journey pursuing the Phd and how he realised he neither wanted or needed the PhD because it was against everything that generativity is about - being a practitioner! :) 

Prof. Dr. Celeste Wilderom
"If I myself could give out a PhD, Cees would have obtained it already!"
Prof. Dr. Celeste Wilderom

"So much to appreciate in this work; the head spins with ideas. The work thus performs that which it attempts to describe."
Ken Gergen Ph.D.

Will this unique copy soon be in your hands, or appreciated by your friend(s)?
Welcome to Order HERE      www.genarrativity.org


Guillermo del Toro's beautiful take on PINNOCHIO

When Guillermo del Toro made Pinnochio as a stop-motion-picture he shifted the plot in a beautiful way. He says that boys do not need to become real, children are always real. It is the father that needs to learn a lesson and become real.  Watch him share his love and enthusiasm for the film HERE

Timeout dialogue

Finnish dialogue is spreading around the world

Timeout is a new way to generate and have constructive discussions. On these pages, you can find practical tools for planning and generating public discussion, conversation on the need for dialogue and peer support in the shape of other people’s learning experiences. Read More

imagine two hearts flying
over the darkened planes

imagine they are crying
about our endless pains

imagine they imagine
new futures for this earth

imagine them as engines
for healing and rebirth

imagine your’s is one of them
who would the other’s be ?

imagine how together
you set each other free

imagine free hearts showing
a path towards great bliss

imagine humanity growing
into one infinite kiss

Alexander Schieffer on New Year’s Eve

Spirit of Humanity Forum


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