Seduced Under the Mistletoe is now available!

I am so excited to share that Seduced Under the Mistletoe is now available! Sixteen historical romance authors have written Christmas novellas, spanning a wide variety of eras. I am thrilled that Duke of Christmas is a part of this box set! Duke of Christmas is the story of Lionel and Marie Harrington, and is a prequel to the Searching Hearts series. Below you will find a synopsis of both Duke of Christmas as well as the set as a whole.

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I would like to note that the novellas are all steamy, from about a 3/5 to a certain 5/5 for spice. However, the box set is only 99 cents for a few more days (and will be in Kindle Unlimited for three months), so you can certainly buy and read the stories of your choosing -- though all are receiving rave reviews!

So pick up, enjoy, and I hope it puts you in the Christmas spirit!

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Seduced Under the Mistletoe

Fearless heroines. Irresistible heroes. Sixteen stories of Yuletide romance, brimming with scandal, sizzling passion, and the promise of true love.

From the snowbound Highlands to candlelit ballrooms, follow our feisty heroines as they unmask secret identities, scorn etiquette, and defy danger. See them submit to fierce warriors, sinful scoundrels, and masterful lords.

This boxed set will be available for just three months, so don’t miss out. Indulge in sixteen all-new novellas that will leave you longing for more than twelve nights of Christmas.

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Featuring ... Duke of Christmas

In the cold winter of 1784, spirited Lady Marie Colemore is determined to break all ties to her ever-absent betrothed. Lionel Harrington is enjoying life for as long as he can, without care for the consequences. Until one night at a ball, Lionel is captivated by the woman he has avoided for so long. Searching out an invitation to the St. James house party, Christmastide takes on a whole new meaning as he sets out to win over his future wife.

Weekly Reads

Stealing a Rogue's Kiss

By Amanda Mariel

After visiting a fortune teller, Lady Daphne Rosamond is determined not to grow old alone and takes fate into her own hands. Marcus Wentworth, Earl of Clarendon, is out for life's sinful pleasures and makes no apologies. But he made Daphne a promise years ago, and she's ready for him to make good on it. He would give Daphne her first kiss once she was of an appropriate age. Not one to turn down a beautiful woman, he delivers on the promise. One passionate moment that neither will soon forget, but how could either of them have guessed where one stolen moment would lead?

What's a Rogue Got to Do With It

By Samantha Holt 

Lewis Knight left behind his life as the son of nobleman years ago, using his brute force and bad reputation to help the Earl of Redmere with his smuggling--a ruse to aid the war effort. Then he's forced to return home, accompanied by the woman who plagues his thoughts far too often... Louisa has been too busy running her inn to think too much about the dark, brooding Knight, until a man arrives in Cornwall with life-changing news and Louisa's inn is threatened. With Knight's help, she digs into this stranger's past and stirs up more danger than she thought possible. 


The Duke's Daughters Series: A Sweet Regency Romance Boxset

By Rose Pearson

Five full-length Regency romance stories about the Duke of Westbrook’s four daughters.  Pushed into marrying to secure their future, each daughter’s path to love and marriage is filled with obstacles, misunderstanding, and sometimes, danger! The fifth book is the prequel to the series and follows the future Duke of Westbrook and future wife, and shows how love is powerful motivator for change.

A Rogue for a Lady
My Restless Earl
Rescued by an Earl
In the Arms of an Earl
The Reluctant Marquess

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Mistress of Two Fortunes and a Duke

By Tessa Candle

Parental neglect and new money have been the making of parvenue heiress and incorrigible do-gooder, Tilly Ravelsham. She is bent on relieving poverty and forwarding the cause of liberty by whatever means necessary. Despite falling in love with Mr. Rutherford, a delicious man about town, Tilly is bound in a secret pact to the man about to marry her. 

Reluctant duke-to-be, Mr. Rutherford, has his life turned upside-down by the most fascinating, tempting and shocking woman he has ever met, leaving his heart utterly smitten.  When Rutherford’s love for the adventuress of his dreams gets him stabbed, pistol-whipped, unlawfully confined, and almost framed for a capital offence, will he conclude that there is such a thing as a young lady who is too interesting? 

Three Masks and a Marquess

By Tessa Candle

The mysterious and desperate Widow Colling is not all she seems. She is not even the Widow Colling. But she can hardly be blamed for assuming false identities. Her mission is simple. She must stay alive until her twenty-first year. The interfering marquess-next-door is not making it easy for her, however. She will do anything to evade him. When she discovers she no longer wishes to hide, will she risk revealing herself to him and put her future happiness, her very life, under his power?

Frobisher, the self-indulgent Marquess of Fenimore, is also not all he seems. But going into hiding at his country estate leaves him utterly bored. The case of the vanishing widow presents a charming diversion. When he discovers the heroine behind the mask, she will challenge his own identity and shatter all his pretenses. But will she also shatter his heart with one final deception?

The second book in the series is currently available FREE!
The third book in the series is now available to buy on Amazon!

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