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Is This The Best Ending EVER?

As an author, I take a lot of care about the way I end my books. There's nothing more frustrating than reading a book - or watching a TV series or film - and the ending is messed up. Did you watch The Sopranos? Terrible ending! Did you follow The X-Files in the 90s? No resolution, just constant dead ends! However, the best ending ever for a TV series is the one shown in the video above for Six Foot Under. So, my question for you this month is - how do you like stories to end? On a cliff-hanger? On a note of mystery? Or do you like everything sewn up neatly? Your responses will help me as an author, so I'll send over a $10 Amazon gift voucher to one contributor selected at random :-)

My Path To Publication

I had great fun earlier this month recording a podcast episode with the title My Path To Publication - 20 things which led to the publication of my first book. I also produced a video version which takes you through the first book I ever wrote at age 9 to the books that you're currently reading. You can watch the video here.

New Thriller Website!

At long last I've created a thriller website dedicated to my seven (soon to be eight!) psychological thrillers. I'm not sure what took me so long and this new site is long overdue. If you've read any of my thrillers, please head over there to check out the image galleries that I've created for each of my books, showing the real locations that I use in the stories.

It's Freebie Time!

I'm taking part in three book giveaways over the next two weeks, a couple of them I'm hosting myself! If you love reading Thrillers and Mysteries you should check out this event. These giveaways are a great opportunity to load up with free books for your phone or e-reader, I'm sure you'll find something in there that you like!

Back To Writing ...

As an author, it's very important for me to plan well ahead. Books don't write themselves and they take several months to write, edit and publish. I will start my author edits of So Many Lies from next Saturday and I will start writing my next book on Thursday 24th January. I plan to write five books next year, so I'll need a military level plan for that :-)

Amazon Gift Card Winner ...

Thank you very much if you took part in last month's invitation to let me know the movies that you return to again and again. As promised, I have completed the prize draw and - in the interests of transparency - you can see that in the video recording below. The winner was Marilyn who received her prize after a little bit of jiggery pokery figuring out how to send the prize via from the UK. Congratulations to Marilyn and thank you to everybody for your contributions.

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