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April 17, 2020            

Lithuania expresses its support for safety of journalists and media freedom in fight against COVID-19 pandemic

On 15 April, the four Groups of Friends on the Safety of Journalists at UNESCO, the United Nations, and the OSCE issued the first joint statement on the safety of journalists and access to information during the COVID-19 crisis. Lithuania, which chairs the Groups of Friends on the Safety of Journalists in New York and Vienna, has also actively contributed to the preparation of the joint statement.

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“Rail Baltica” – a commitment of Lithuania not only for itself, but for entire Europe

As the trilateral discussion of the Baltic States regarding implementation model of the project “Rail Baltica” continues, Lithuania suggests not to deviate from the main purpose – to implement the project on time because “Rail Baltica” is important not only for the Baltic region, but also for Europe as a whole, as a part of trans-European rail network that is going to fill in the lacking links between the North-Baltic Seas and Scandinavia-Adriatic Sea in current map of carriage of passengers and goods.

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Invest Lithuania
9:58 AM - Apr 15, 2020

A Lithuanian team has won 2nd place in worldwide hackathon The Global Hack, with a mobile app aimed at easing loneliness and promoting emotional wellbeing during the COVID19 outbreak. The app, AOC (‘Act On Crisis’), was developed in just two weeks by a team of psychologists, IT specialists and others. It offers breathing exercises, anonymous chats with other users, as well as individual consultations with professional psychologists in Lithuanian, English or Russian. The Global Hack was judged by a panel of big names from the tech world including Linkedin co-founder, Reid Hoffman; Google X founder and Stanford University professor, Sebastian Thurn; and Steveás Jurvetson, co-founder of Future Ventures and board member of both SpaceX and Tesla. Find out more about AOC here:

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While fighting against COVID-19, Lithuanian companies are showing solidarity and are discovering new opportunities

In just over a week, 176 companies have already registered on the Entrepreneurship and Export Development Agency’s “Enterprise Lithuania” information website “” and provided information on their capabilities to produce and supply the necessary tools to combat the COVID-19 virus. Among the names on the list are both already existed businesses and the newcomers to the medical market – businesses that have quickly reoriented and adapted their production capacity for the production of personal protective equipment, disinfectants and medical devices, which are currently in the greatest demand.

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Google to support Lithuanian NGOs

US technological giant Google plans to fund Lithuanian non-governmental organizations' advertizing via Ad Grants by allocating up to 10,000 US dollars to each organization, writes LETA/BNS.

"This support will be allocated to deal with the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis and could be used for the upcoming six months," Paulius Vertelka, public policy manager for the Baltic states at Google, told a press conference

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Laser-cut face shield helps protect against COVID-19 virus

The FlexBlow Shield—made out of high-quality food-grade PET plastic, which is harmless and food-friendly—protects the eye area against airborne bacteria, infections, and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus.

Gediminas Raciukaitis, the Head of the Department of Laser Technologies of the FTMC Center for Physical Sciences and Technology says they have just installed a Coherent E-150 CO2 laser to cut a face shield mask from 5-liter PET bottles designed at Terekas.

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ViLTė is an automated conversation robot providing official COVID-19-related information

Truthful, reliable and up-to-date information on emergency, quarantine and coronavirus from official sources is crucial today. In order to facilitate the provision of such information to the public an automated conversation robot called ViLTė was installed at This is a new way to get information quickly and at any time during the day, which is particularly relevant when the number of coronavirus cases is increasing and more people are turning to helplines on a wide range of issues in the country. 

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April 24-26
EUvsCirus Hackathon

The European Commission, in close collaboration with the EU member states, will host a pan-European hackathon to connect civil society, innovators, partners and investors across Europe in order to develop innovative solutions for coronavirus-related challenges.

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Representative orchestra of the Ministry of Interior of Lithuania shares a positive message to celebrate Easter differently        |         Ministry's of Interior Wind orchestra

Stay at home: cherry blossom viewing without leaving sofa

Sakura blooming in the centre of Vilnius in the spring become a real place of attraction for Vilnius residents every year, but this year we offer to watch them in a live broadcast online due to the quarantine and risk posed by crowding. The City of Vilnius together with the telecommunications company Telia has found a technological solution, and starting today, they will offer an opportunity to see blooming sakura online at

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Short stories of Lithuanian art. Antanas Gudaitis

LRT and MO Museum bring you a series of videos presenting 20 key Lithuanian artists of the 20th century.

Antanas Gudaitis combines Lithuanian pre-war modernism with transformations in art ushered in by the “thaw” era in the USSR.

Before the war, he studied in Paris and observed the latest experimentation in modern art.

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Horse-cart campaigning and no alcohol. Lithuania's first election 100 years ago

In April 1920, Lithuania's status as a sovereign country was still far from secure. It had declared independence two years prior and had managed to drive out foreign armies from most of its territory, but it had yet to secure the de jure recognition from key governments, including those of the United States and France.

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Drive-in cinema coming to Vilnius to break quarantine monotony

As cultural life ground to a halt in the Lithuanian capital, a drive-in cinema kicking off on Friday offers a coronavirus-proof experience.

The screenings will take place in the parking lot at the Vilnius’ Litexpo exhibition centre. The first film will be shown on Friday, with two additional screenings each day over the weekend.

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Lithuanian Art and Culture in the USA
8:07 PM - Apr 14, 2020

#stayhathome #filmscreening #classic #nobodywantedtodie A rare possibility to enjoy the Lithuanian classic movie Nobody Wanted To Die (1966) by Vytautas Žalakevičius. Dramatic post-war situation in a small Lithuanian village community, whose members are divided: some support the Soviet government while others back the partisans fighting against the new regime. The film shows each character’s desire to survive and secure safe and peaceful life. It is a story of revenge: the head of the village council is killed by partisans and his sons decide to seek justice. It is also about those who do not want to die: about lay people, who find themselves in a terrible fight for survival and have to choose whose side to take. Lithuanian Films Lithuanians in NYC / Lietuviai NYC Lietuvos kultūros institutas / Lithuanian Culture Institute NY Lietuviai

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From April 17
Culture to the Courtyards

Kaunas 2022 together with the community program Fluxus Labas starts the project "Culture to the Courtyards" in order to bring these emotions and experiences back, to bring culture ... to our courtyards!

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Episode 3: Interview with ambassador Asta Skaisgiryte [in Lithuanian]

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Highlight of the Week
Sakura trees start to blossom in Vilnius

Photo credits @ E. Blaževič / LRT

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