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Issue #34

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New link between mom-to-be's diet, child's ADHD


A new study suggests that a mother's diet during pregnancy could affect her child's risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Eating for two takes on added significance with a new study suggesting that a mother's diet during pregnancy could affect her child's risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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Time in the womb – an unique opportunity for connecting


Until recently, the prevailing scientific habit has been to treat the earliest period of human development – from conception to birth, as an insensitive, unconscious, period of physical growth. The belief which has blocked understanding is that no intelligence is possible and no learning or memory can occur until after birth, when the construction of the brain is more advanced. If this were the case, it would follow that unborn babies cannot care about anything, know anything, or learn anything.

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This is why Boys need more Emotional Support than Girls


When you read about gender stereotyping children, it's usually about behaviours like girls opting to play with dolls and boys preferring trucks. But what about other differences? Recent and past research sheds light on gender differences in the brain and its development, and it's these studies we should be looking to when it comes to thinking about the kinds of emotional support we give our children, especially our boys.

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Breastfeeding for 2 months cuts baby’s SIDs risk almost in half, study says


Moms who breastfeed for just two months reduce their baby’s risk of sudden infant death syndrome by nearly half, according to a new study. The study, published in Pediatrics looked at eight international studies with breastfeeding data examining more than 2 200 SIDs cases and over 6 800 cases of infants who survived. The case control study matched data between living and deceased infants to find difference.

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10 Tips for Flying with Breast Milk


I've heard many a horror-story about flying with breast milk, from security agents who forced moms to dump out milk, to broken bottles. I've also made a few mistakes myself, once causing me to throw out several days of expressed milk. I've taken countless business trips while breastfeeding my five children, and these are my tips for successful traveling with breast milk.

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Skin to Skin

Nurturing human potential and optimizing relationships from the beginning of life – 12 Guiding Principles


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How holding your Baby helps with Brain Development


For both preterm and full-term infants, positive or supportive human touch can have a lasting impact. Babies who find themselves in the neonatal intensive care unit have a lot to contend with, from medical interventions to IV lines and ventilators. Their health and safety is a top priority – and that's precisely the reason some born prematurely and underweight or facing other health issues receive a higher level of care. Still, for the pint-sized patients, the NICU is a challenging place to start a life. It's also ground zero for studying the impact of positive human touch – like holding and soothing a baby – on brain development.

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Babies know when a cuddle is coming


Babies as young as two months know when they are about to be picked up and change their body posture in preparation, according to new research. Professor Vasu Reddy, of the University of Portsmouth, has found most babies aged two to four months understand they are about to be picked up the moment their mothers come towards them with their arms outstretched and that they make their bodies go still and stiff in anticipation, making it easier to be picked up.

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The Gift of making mistakes


Mfundo is a young man who is considered to be a top academic and sporting high-flyer. He is in Grade 5 and has already won many awards for his achievements. Despite his top-of-the-class status, his parents and teachers are very concerned because Mfundo is making negative behavioural choices. He is often in trouble for bullying other children and his parents find his tantrums at home almost intolerable. Why would a child who seemingly has everything going for him, behave in this way?

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WATCH: Seconds after she was born Hilary Duff's daughter gave her a hug


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36 Memes and things for anyone who has ever endured pregnancy – Dad’s count too


Being pregnant is not easy. Morning sickness, extreme fatigue, weight gain, swollen everything, forgetfulness, headaches… all whilst trying to manoeuvre your ever changing emotions. And though Dad’s may not actually have to grow a baby and push it out, they have plenty they have to deal with just trying to keep pregnant mama happy. The good news is it only lasts 40 weeks. The bad news is, it lasts 40 weeks… ;)

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