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Sultan Sharafuddin Wants UPM Graduates to Succeed in Academics and Character Development

His Majesty said that success should not only be celebrated in academics, but also for character development for oneself and also for the future generation to ensure a civil society. Read More

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes receives Honorary Doctor of Management.

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Graduates Should Come Out from Their Comfort Zone.

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Aida Awarded with Chancellor’s Gold Award Medal.

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Graduates Should Possess Expertise and Integrity.

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UPM Wants to Produce All-rounder Graduates

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Autism not a Hindrance to Success

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No A’s in SPM, a Turning Point for Azri to Receive a Degree at 37

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Single Mother Crosses River for Two Hours to get Her Bachelor’s Degree

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Hussein Proves Physical Disability is Not an Obstacle to Success

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Cerebral Palsy is not a Hindrance to get a Doctoral Degree

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After Receiving their Master’s Degree, Husband and Wife Plan to Pursue a PhD

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Two National Hockey Athletes Obtain their Bachelor of Education after Years of Postponement

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UPM Needs to be a 'Real Champion' in the Field of Agriculture

Tan Sri Dr. Ghauth Jasmon said the faculties involved in agriculture, in particular the Faculty of Agriculture, must trigger and add new ideas to enable the country's agricultural sector to become a world leader in the agriculture sector. Read More

SPARTAR Inculcates School Students' Interest to Study and Gain a Degree

Students from SMK Senaling, Kuala Pilah joined the Sparkle Star Outreach Programme (SPARTAR) 2.0 and experienced life on UPM’s campus for themselves, at which the programme aimed to stimulate students' interest in furthering their degree education. Read More

FPP, UPM Organises Green Mind Inspiration Programme to Raise Awareness on Reducing Plastic Waste

With the theme of “Avoiding Single-use Plastics”, the programme is part of the government's long-term plan to address the issue of single-use plastic waste in Malaysia. Read More

Four UPM Academics Win Awards at the 13th National Academic Awards

The esteemed awards are the highest recognition of the government given to academia in Malaysia for uplifting the image of higher education institutions at the national and international levels. Read More

UPM Announces Appointment of First Tan Sri Empiang Jabu Research Chair for Dayak Women Studies

The Tan Sri Empiang Jabu Research Chair was set up with an aim to empower Dayak women, especially women from Sarawak. Read More

The Raja Muda of Perlis is Pleased to Complete the Baseball Field Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Raja Muda of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail, was pleased to complete the UPM Baseball Groundbreaking Ceremony for the first baseball field in the country at the Sports Centre, UPM. Read More

More Than 80 Researchers, Scientists Participate in NYAWA’19 Exhibition

The exhibition, the themed NYAWA ’19: FOOD, had provided researchers with a greater opportunity to expand their creativity. A total of 19 artefacts were produced, and through the exhibition, an indexed publication will be published. Read More

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