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Presidio School Monthly Newsletter - November 2020
Message from the Principal - November 2020

Hi Presidio Family!

In the spirit of the season, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the #PresidioFamily. My first year and a half as principal has been fraught with fire after fire, be it personal or professional, to put out. Yet, through it all, the #PresidioFamily has been my biggest supporter, my safe space, and my home away from home. Through Canvas, I have had the opportunity to observe (indirectly) all of the fun and engaging assignments, projects, and lessons created by our amazing, talented, and dedicated teaching teams. Side note - keep reading the newsletter for snippets of the fun that has occurred and is yet to come! I am fortunate to be able to be on campus to work directly with our support staff - paraprofessionals, admin assistants, monitors - and am continually impressed with the kind, firm approach they take to following our mitigation strategies and keeping students safe. It often feels like a thankless job, but I want you to know that you are important and matter! To Presidio's leadership team - you are the glue keeping us together! Thank you for your effective leadership, compassion for the teams you lead, and ability to keep all accountable in a fair and respectful way. Finally, to the parents, grandparents, care givers, family friends, relatives, siblings, and students who work tirelessly, and often simultaneously in a work from home capacity, to provide opportunities for Presidio's students to achieve success during this unprecedented time.

We have an amazing group of students with whom we are beyond fortunate to educate. This is not easy for any of them, yet they persevere. Against all odds, they are continually striving for success, doing what they can to meet Presidio's expectations, and giving it their all. I promise that your efforts will not be in vain. You are learning that you can accomplish anything through hard work, dedication, faith, trust, and a little pixie dust. You are the reason we do what we do everyday!

While we might not be able to celebrate as we usually do during this holiday season, my wish for the #PresidioFamily is one of peace, love, health, and happiness. My sincerest gratitude to all for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow in my position.

Happy November!
Jessica Montierth Puls, Principal

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Important Dates
November 16-29 - Virtual Scholastic Book Fair
November 24 - No After School Programs
November 25-27 - Thanksgiving Break
December 15-16 - High School Finals
December 17 - End of Term 2
December 18-January 3 - Winter Break


Presidio’s popular book fair stays open until Black Friday (11/29)! Stock up on holiday reading & help the school acquire new library book funds. Scholastic has everything you need, cover to cover! Check out:

  • Picture books “Not Quite Snow White” for a fresh perspective on what makes a fairy tale come to life for real girls or “Who Will it Be?” for an at-home science-themed interactive mystery book. 
  • Easy reader “Waiting Is Not Easy!” with Gerald the Elephant waiting...and waiting...and waiting for a surprise from Piggie - from picture book fave Mo WIllems.
  • Chapter books “Diary of a Pug” and “Lily to the Rescue” for all the dog stories!
  • Teen books “Deepfake” about digital reality and truth-telling, “The Baby-Sitters Club” graphic novels, and “2021 Game On!” written by gamers, for gamers.

Browse our fair home page for more ideas:


Lending got a little easier with Libby, the Pima County Public Library’s checkout app. You can browse books, check out, and read online on your device, even on your phone!

For more information, visit

You do need a library card; pick up an application at the Presidio front desk or your local branch.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL Presidio Families

As Presidio's Guidance Counselor, I would like to let all of you know that we are continuing to adjust to this year. Some students may struggle with focus and motivation. If you feel that your child needs strategies to manage time or information to help them with academics, please feel free to reach out to me. I will meet with you and/or your students (in person if they are on campus or via google meet for those off campus) to address any challenges. 


Congratulations to Jacob Peterson for being accepted to the University of Arizona! 

Seniors and parents feel free to reach out to me for information about post secondary plans, etc.

More Senior Spotlights to come!

    Throughout the 2nd quarter, the AP US History students have been engaged in "mini-projects" to develop their research and perspective taking skills, as well as give them a chance to be creative. One of these projects was on Modern Transcendentalism. After learning about the contribution of the Transcendentalist movement of the early 1800s, students were tasked to find a 21st century example of transcendentalist thought. Transcendentalists focused on 5 tenets: nonconformity, self-reliance, importance of nature, favoring intuition over reason, and living a simplified life. They had to provide the name and picture of the individual, as well as a brief summary of how this person exemplified the transcendentalist lifestyle. Additionally they were tasked with providing a short quote from an original transcendentalist, (such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Theroua, etc) that captures the spirit of the modern individual selected. Here are some of the examples the junior's work: 

    Nonconformity: Harry Styles due to his nonconformity in fashion. He embraces both feminine and masculine styles modeling for major magazines in these unconventional outfits.

    Self-Reliance: David Dobrik for creating a multi-million dollar empire by the time he was 24 through the creation of vines.

    Importance of Nature: Steve Irwin for his love and respect of all living things and for passing that love on to his children before his untimely death.

    Favoring Intuition Over Reason: Lin Manuel Miranda due to the risk he took in writing Hamilton. Some thought there wouldn't be a market for a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, but Manuel Miranda went with his gut and pushed to get it made. Hamilton is now one of the most popular musicals of all time.

    Simplified Life: Marie Kando for pushing Americans to let go of our stuff, surrounding ourselves with things that bring us joy and not focusing on "keeping up with Jones'".

    Dungeons and Dragons Coming Soon to 8th Grade ELA

    A new adventure is coming to 8th grade ELA courtesy of Ms. Dogey and Mr. Earls. ELA meets Dungeons and Dragons in the world created by Mr. Earls. Students will create characters and adventure through the worlds created. Twists and turns await as Ms. Dogey decides upon students’ characters’ powers and abilities. For those who are unaware, Dungeons and Dragons is an interactive game filled with character development, dialogue, decision making, and weighing pros and cons. The students get to create their own character background which includes the race or species of their character and the type of class they will be. No scholastic game would be complete without the grades; therefore, the power and accuracy of the attacks of students’ characters will be based on their grade, percentage of assignments submitted, attendance rates, and more! The goal of this was to create a different type of reward and a new way to engage the students during this unprecedented time. May the odds be ever in your favor..

    5th grade is out to discover! 

    As dictated by the "King and Queen of Age of Exploration," Presidio's 5th grade European explorers were asked to journal their voyages. Explorers needed to identify reasons for their explorations and describe the technological developments in ship building and navigation that made long distance voyages possible.

    Instructions from the King and Queen

    You, as an agent for the King and Queen, are hereby authorized to make a journey to the New World on behalf of our kingdom. All of our rivals are competing for land, trade and wealth. Whichever kingdom secures more land will be the strongest in Europe. It is imperative that you succeed.

    Your mission is the following: 

    1. Claim all land for the monarchy 
    2. Locate a new trading route across the ocean 
    3. Look for the Northwest Passage
    4. Bring back gold, silver, metals, spices, new plants, and any items deemed valuable. 

    You will be provided with a ship, crew, and all the necessary provisions for an extensive journey to the New World. Certain precise requirements must be met if you expect to be rewarded for your achievements. In order to fulfill your contract you will make an Explorer's Notebook consisting of the attached items. Good luck on your journey and Godspeed.

    The Monarchy

    Kindergarteners say the darndest things…

    One of the joys of being a kindergarten teacher is to try and hold composure while our cute kinders come up with the funniest things to say. It sure makes a trying year that much better.

    For math we use little blocks called manipulatives to help us count. One student calls them “nippy tips” and now that is what everyone calls them. “Please put your nippy tips away!” is something that comes out of our mouths daily!

    It won’t surprise anyone that we go through a lot of hand sanitizer in our kindergarten classrooms. Hand sanitizer is also a very long word for our little friends to say. What brilliant word did they come up with to solve the problem, you ask? “Hanitizer” and now it goes by nothing else. “Did you put hanitizer on your hands?” is a frequent question in our classrooms.

    Discipline is an important aspect to our classroom and a frequent response to discipline is getting growled at. Honestly, have you even lived if you haven’t been growled at by a student? I think not! Another response to discipline is the peace sign! “Can you please be quiet” is often met with a peace sign and the words “Peace out”.

    High School Art

    Sophomore, Jalan Grady, created a portal experience using criteria from the grading standards for high school art and fee choice artistry!

    Elementary Art

    Under Mr. Victor's direction students in aftercare made tissue paper flowers and fans by hand to decorate Catrina. They were taught about the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos and about the symbolism of Calavera Catrina's


    Kindergarten students are learning techniques for a lifetime - focussing on rhythm and pointed toes!

    1st grade is learning to be 'coordinated' (you may hear them say this word) by adding simple steps to more complex arm movements. 

    2nd grade students are on their 2nd DANCE!!! They completely finished "What the Fox Says" and are in the middle of "Uptown Funk". They are mastering their vocabulary too! 

    3rd grade students are focused on creating movement then manipulating that movement into new movements.

    4th grade students are learning different Jazz and HipHop dances with harder vocabulary challenges. 

    5th grade is participating in a "Situp and Pushup Challenge" worth REAL money! The challenge goes until December 10th with a focus on proper form, they have goals to meet! The winner will be announced once the challenge is over, stay tuned! 5th grade students are also learning their "Hand Clap" song and will be submitting work for their final exam.

    Middle and high school dancers have been studying well known choreographers and then danced the different styles of each. Currently they are mastering the art of Merce Cunningham's "Chance Dance" and how to successfully choreograph a dance using dice and a chance. Their works are looking lovely.

    Have a Wonderful Holiday... and KEEP ON DANCING!!

    Monthly Family Fun - November

    It’s time to have a little fun! We have created a fun Thanksgiving Mad Libs activity. Submit your completed stories to social media (tag Presidio School) or email them to Ms. Erin ( for all to see and enjoy! 

    For the Thanksgiving Mad Libs game- you'll get a page that lists the word prompts for the story. One person can read the prompts out loud to the group and write down the responses, be sure to do this without peeking at the story! The sillier the response, the better!

    Then you can read the story to the group- inserting the responses as you go along. Feel free to write them in the allotted spaces within the story to make things easier!



    Welcome to our new newsletter feature, Caption This! Get on social media or send an email to Ms. Erin with a caption for this picture. Entries will be voted upon and a prize will be awarded for the most creative caption. May the odds be ever in your favor!

    Thank you to Mr. Joe Roos for providing his feedback on the Caption This! photo from October's newsletter. As the winner, Mr. Joe will receive a Starbucks gift card! Please provide your captions for November's Caption This! photo in order to be in the running for next month's giveaway!

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