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Asylum Oracle Reading on Instagram,

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know about #MagicMondays, where we all choose one of three Asylum Oracle cards from my personal deck to receive our magical guidance for the week ahead, BUT, in case you missed it, there is only ONE better time to check in on the Oracle than at the start of the week, and that is at the MIDDLE of the week when things have already gotten well underway and a bit of realignment may be...well, useful.

And so, if you haven't already received your reading this week, I invite you to click the image above to go to the original post, *choose your card* in the comments (be sure to tag a friend who needs some magical guidance today too), and then see the following post to get the reading for the card you selected.

Of course, if you DID already receive your Oracle Reading this week, I invite you to *check back in* with your card and see if there's anything in its message that you may have overlooked (for me there always is)—anything you that you just may need to hear *right now.*

Oh, and if you've done all of this, I invite you to choose a *second card from the original post!* The second card you choose is your peek into the coming week, a little "heads up" to keep you spiritually on top of it all, and living your most empowered life. I'm off to choose my second card now! Meet me there?

Visit the Asylum Emporium Oracle page.
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