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GUEST PITCH: US Navy Seal (Ret.) on Steve Bannon

Carl Higbie is available for an interview

“Steve Bannon has exceled in every single role he has held dating back to his service in the US Navy. I cannot imagine a better person to be advising an already successful businessman taking on the biggest business in the world, the US Government”

About Carl Higbie

Carl Higbie was born in 1983 in southwestern Connecticut. As state champion wrestler in high school he attended Sacred Heart University until the war on terror was declared. In 2003 Carl dropped out of college, leaving behind a promising wrestling career and enlisted to become a US Navy SEAL. He completed 2 combat deployments to Iraq in 2007 and 2009 where he led his team to capture the infamous “Butcher of Fallujah”. Subsequently, he returned to take a senior training position for his remaining three years where he taught high risk evolutions such as Close Quarters Combat and Air operations.


It was during this time that Carl released his first book “Battle on the Home Front” which brought to light many problems, some political in nature that were plaguing our country and the military. The book led to a highly publicized battle against a politically charged machine reaching to the White House. Two years after leaving the military, Carl emerged victorious against all odds which his new book “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” is based on. With a victory against political correctness under his belt and at 30 years old, he took on a run for US Congress in 2014 losing a contentious convention in a five-way race garnering 14 percent on his first run, more than any other candidate outside of the party favorite who received over three quarters of the total votes.


Carl Higbie has owned three successful business’ in his tenure including his current consulting firm Ameriman LLC. He has been an integral player on over a dozen campaigns including as a chief presidential candidate’s surrogate and is now the communication director and Spokesman for Great America Super PAC. His latest book was released on May 10th 2016; “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, A SEAL’s Story”. He currently sits on the advisory board of “Heartbeat for Warriors” as well as “Heroes to Heroes” and is the Chairman of George Washington Leadership Foundation, a federal PAC aimed at recruiting, training and electing veterans to run for office. Higbie is quickly becoming one of the most respected authorities on politics, military and national security. His natural leadership skills coupled with his experience as a Navy SEAL make Higbie uniquely qualified to comment on a range of issues. An intelligent and eloquent orator, Higbie has become a fixture on both Fox News and CNN, where he is frequently called upon to provide insight on a variety of matters.


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