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Monthly Marketing Tips

Are You Making This Mistake at the Start of Your Story?

Only Include What Matters Most to Your Audience 
There’s a saying in journalism school that goes like this “Don’t bury the lead” and that applies to your story too. In other words, don’t make your audience slog through a bunch of unnecessary details that happened, but that they don’t need to know.  

Contributor: Gayle Nowak

Try Agile Marketing

Agile marketing is more of an attitude than a strategy…it’s about being open, receptive and responsive to change with your marketing plan. As the name suggests, it’s about being flexible and not sticking to a rigid plan. Inspiration for the term comes from the tech world of agile development, where iterations to software would be steady and incremental.

How to Leverage B2B Social Selling to Reach Your Prospects

Event Outreach
If you’re attending an upcoming event, try to find out which of your prospects will be in attendance and start engaging with them as the event approaches. For example, if they’re a speaker, share on social media that you are excited to hear them speak and tag them in the post. If they have a booth at the event, find out where it is and let them know you’ll look forward to stopping by. Follow through by making your best attempt to interact with them in person at the event, and then continue to stay in touch following the event.  Contributor: Natalie Nathanson

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