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Mystery, Magic, and Faith

In Journey to Aviad, Elowyn carries a little satchel with her initial on it that Morganne had made for her—it’s full of herbs meant to ward off evil. This was a common thing to do in the Middle Ages, as certain plants were thought to fend off everything from demons and witches, to just plain bad luck. Medieval people lived in a world full of danger and mystery, which was very often explained with superstitions.

The pervasive thought was that there were two kinds of magic. Black magic was demonic, and therefore harmful. Magic of this sort was feared and avoided, and was used to explain accidents, unknown illnesses, and other tragedies. White magic was supposedly based on the power of nature (God’s Creation). Using charms, talismans, and spells, performing sunrise rituals while sowing crops, or reciting incantations while weaving fabric, are just a few examples of white magic. The study of astrology and alchemy fell into this category as well.

The Church disapproved of them all, but pre-Christian paganism was still very much embedded in Medieval culture and had intertwined itself with Christianity. Folk-beliefs, like the belief in fairies for example, was everyday common sense in places like the British Isles—and had been for hundreds of years. Local priests could not convince people otherwise and eventually gave up trying, despite sharp pressure from the Catholic Church.

It’s easy to see how the medieval period lends itself so well to fantasy literature, which often relies on various forms of magic to add intrigue and to move the story. I have included some of these elements in my series for the sake of flavor and authenticity, like Elowyn’s little bag of herbs and the superstitions held by the people of Minhaven. But since I am writing Christian fiction, I have been very careful about the way I handle magic so that there is a true distinction between what is demonic, what is divine, and what is merely misguided belief. Hopefully my readers noticed that when Elowyn gave away her little bag of herbs, she did not seek to replace it with another. It was a small milestone on her journey to spiritual maturity, as she replaced her belief in the empty “magic” it contained, with a much stronger faith in Aviad and His ability to protect her.


Elowyn was convinced that by removing the coin so soon after the man’s brutal death, she had somehow interfered with his ascension into the afterlife, causing his spirit to appear before her in the night. How else could she explain it? He had sought her out from beyond the dead, and pointed directly at the pouch that held the coin. It was quite obviously an object not meant for her to keep, and it had to be returned at the proper time of day. 

Elowyn knew very little about the workings of magic, but it was common knowledge that the rites of good magic were most effective at sunrise. That was usually when cures were tried, when newly planted crops were blessed, and when pilgrims to the shrines petitioned their most desperate prayers. Nearly any ritual of importance, even the harvesting of garden herbs, was best performed at sunrise. If she did not make it before then, she would have to wait another day, and perhaps risk another terrifying vision in the night. 

~ from Chapter 2, Journey to Aviad

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My name is Katie Jenkins, but I write under the pen name K.M. Jenkins. I am a Speculative Fiction and Fantasy author. My Tales of Ferrês series will take you on a spectacular journey with a group of heroes that find themselves in the mysterious Forest of Ferrês. Each story is considered a standalone and can be read in any order. These stories are also in different time periods throughout the world of Tarzinëa. Keep your eyes peeled for more stories and adventures by me.

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Fun Fact

When I was first conceptualizing the character Einar, he was going to be a villain—hard-hearted, untrustworthy, and only out for himself. A real renegade who was just as bad as the person he was running from. But that changed as I actually began to write. Einar had different ideas and wasn’t shy about letting me know who he really was! I’m so glad I listened, as Einar has become one of my favorites.

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Journey to Aviad

Series Book 1

Elowyn lifts a strange silvery object from a woodland stream. Is it a medallion? A coin? She also finds a helm, a bow, broken arrows…and blood drenched soil. Her world—the whole world—is about to change forever…

Ancient Voices

Series Book 2

Has Braeden’s cruel reach followed Elowyn and Morganne into Minhaven’s remote wilderness? If so, there is no place left to run, and the Kinship is facing an enemy more sinister and powerful than they can possibly imagine.

Into the Shadow Wood

Companion Book 1

Plunge with Einar into the depths of the dark and twisted Shadow Wood, which will test the limist of his strengths, beliefs, and sanity. Will he manage to survive, or will he end up sharing Nevon's fate?

Visions of Light and Shadow

Series Book 3

Morganne and Elowyn’s future in Minhaven has never looked so bleak, but Morganne isn’t ready to abandon the life she knows. Can Elowyn convince her that Aviad has been calling them to follow the road beyond Minhaven, or will she be forced to go on alone?

Shards of Faith

Companion Book 2

Before Morganne and Elowyn were born, Broguean took on the greatest quest of his life. Follow him in this intriguing adventure story as he discovers whether he's really just a drunken bard or if there's more to him than meets the eye. 

A Collection of Short Stories

Enjoy this unpublished collection of short stories related to the Wind Rider Chronicles.

Included: "The Hounds of Alazoth", "A Bard's Tale", "Birth of the Necromancer", "Delevan's Quest", "Letters for the Circle", "The Festival of the Wisps", "The Hound of Minhaven", "Warriors in the Mist", and "Treasury of the Prophets"

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