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Happy July 4th, Peeps!

Happy 4th of July, peeps! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that the summer is going along bright and cheerful for you.

I have a LOT to tell you in this newsletter, including an announcement--a HAPPY one! And more Maddy at the end of the newsletter. 

The flowers are out and about in our yard, as are the birds. We put up the hummingbird feeders and have several pretty little green hummers flying around. We also have noticed an increase in the birds at the regular bird feeders. The steller's jays who live in our yard (we have a mated pair here every year), are a bit big for the feeder but they don't let that stop them!

Life has been going along quietly but busy--as a number of you know, I have a condition called Histamine Intolerance, and now the doc is thinking it's also a mast cell disorder, but I'm on a new medication and it seems to be helping me a lot. There's no cure but it can be managed through diet, lifestyle changes, and with the help of supplements and mast cell stabilizers. It's so nice to see improvement after a couple years of constant allergic reactions. Anyway, onto business. Don't forget--next week WITCHING HOUR comes out!

The Return of Whisper Hollow!


So, I have a major announcement! I managed to get my rights back to the Whisper Hollow series and will be re-releasing the first two books, and a third one, early next year! Yes, I finally got the rights back. I'll be doing some heavy editing on the first two books, though the plot will not change (neither will the titles), but the books will be much tighter. And I'll be writing the third book to go along with the first two when I'm ready to re-release them. And you get a cover reveal here before anybody else sees the covers! There will be no preorder links for some time, but keep track of the newsletter for further information!

So, here are the covers for the first two Whisper Hollow Books--AUTUMN THORNS and SHADOW SILENCE--and the cover for the upcoming third/new book: THE PHANTOM QUEEN.

Autumn Thorns: Whisper Hollow Book 1.

Shadow Silence: Whisper Hollow Book 2

The Phantom Queen: Whisper Hollow Book 3

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Get Your Preorders In!




When you dance with death, you have to learn how to roll the bones...

Raven BoneTalker, also known as the Daughter of Bones, is one of the Ante-Fae—the dangerous, unpredictable predecessors to the Fae Races. But Raven is young, and she likes interacting with mortals, so she’s opened a business—the Witching Hour—where she takes on clients with ghostly problems. Mostly she reads cards, boots out the odd poltergeist, or helps grieving families contact their loved ones for closure.

But when Lana, one of her friends, comes begging for help, things take a dark turn. Raven investigates what seems like a simple haunting on the surface. But the more she delves into the case, the more she realizes that this is no simple ghost. As Raven untangles a web of secrets and deceits kept for over fifty years, she finds herself in danger, facing not only a ghostly threat, but also a danger that is very much alive.



When you dance with Death, you have to be willing to roll the bones...

Raven Bonetalker, the Daughter of Bones, has her plate full. Not only is her neighbor still driving her nuts, but she’s in a new relationship with Kipa, the Lord of the Wolves, and neither one is ready for everything that entails. But life takes a sinister turn when a spirit begins siphoning off the life force of one of Kipa’s wolf shifters.

Gunnar, a member of the SuVahta—the pack of divine werewolves bound to the Lord of Wolves—is dying, and nobody can figure out why. Gunnar blames himself for the death of his beloved wife, and he believes she is haunting him.

When Kipa asks Raven to examine the shifter, she finds a far deadlier spirit latched onto the werewolf. And the only way Raven can help is to first agree to a deadly alliance with one of the ancient Ante-Fae—Arachna, the Web Weaver. But Arachna’s price is far steeper than Raven can afford to pay, and the fallout threatens to shake the very core of Raven’s life.

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That's it for this time, folks! Below you'll find the third excerpt of the new Maddy novella. I encourage you to hang out with my on my blog and YouTube channel through the next few months--I've got a lot planned for this year. 

The next regular newsletter will be out August 3rd, though you may hear from me about something a little earlier than that. 

Bright Blessings! Yasmine Galenorn

Here's the third excerpt of DEMON'S DELIGHT--the new Maddy novella. As I said with The Wish Factor, if I find this posted anywhere on the web, the excerpts will stop. So enjoy it in the newsletter, peeps! I'll be putting the novella up for sale once you've had a chance to read it! 

And if you haven't read Maddy's other books, you can find buy links here: Bewitching Bedlam Series and BEWITCHING BEDLAM, the first novel in the series, is free!

If you missed last month's excerpt, you can read it here:


A Bewitching Bedlam Novella
Copyright 2019, Yasmine Galenorn
All rights reserved


“Ralph just dropped by to give me an engagement present.” I held up the box. “Isn’t that sweet of him?”

Ralph and Aegis didn’t have the best track record, though they got on better now than they had at the beginning. Aegis glanced at the box and let out a fangy smile.

“Let’s see what it is, then,” he said, wrapping his arms around my shoulders. “Open it.”

Hoping to hell it wasn’t a vibrator, or some such tacky gift, I began to open the gift. Beneath the wrapping paper, the box itself was lovely, with a floral design on it, and I carefully removed the paper so as not to rip the sturdy cardboard. As I opened the box, I felt a flood of relief. I wasn’t going to have to fake appreciation after all.

In the box was a beautiful hand mirror. It was about a foot long, and the back was a gorgeous bronze, embossed with faeries and unicorns, and the top of the mirror had a crescent moon on it, horns pointing up. I lifted it out of the box, surprised by the heft of it—the mirror must be a solid bronze. The glass was old, with an etched faerie that ran up and along one side of it. I felt a crackle of energy as I looked into the mirror, and had the fleeting thought that there was something magical about it.

“It’s beautiful,” I said, enchanted with it. “It’s absolutely lovely. Where did you get it? It looks like an antique.”

“It might be. I found it at the Victoriana Consignment Shop—the new shop that moved in on the outskirts of town.” Ralph beamed. “You really like it?”

“I love it. Thank you, Ralph.” I stood, wincing a little, and held out my arms. “Give me a hug, you big goon.”

As he cautiously wrapped his arms around me, keeping one eye on Aegis, I was hit by his musky scent. Satyrs always blasted pheromones wherever they went. It was just their nature. Sandy and I had hung out with a number of satyrs a few centuries back, and it had been one hell of a time. As I let go and tried to ease a stitch in my side, Ralph turned to Sandy.

“I’m sorry I don’t have your gift with me. I didn’t know you were here.” He gave her a winsome smile. Unlike his brothers, who were much rougher looking, even though they still had that satyr-hottie style, Ralph could pour on the charm when he wanted.

Sandy waved him off. “Not a problem. That’s a beautiful mirror, Ralph. Good choice.”

The clock chimed noon.

“I’ve got to go. We have a full inn right now, and George will kill me if I don’t get back to help them.” As Ralph headed toward the door, Aegis followed to see him out.

I waited till they were well out of the living room, then turned to Sandy. “What do you think about that? I never in the world would have expected Ralph to give me a gift like this.”

“I know. It defies all my lowered expectations for him. I wonder how old it is,” she said, scooting closer to me.

“I don’t know, but it’s real bronze, and though it’s been polished, it’s obviously an antique. I wonder how much he paid for this. Ralph’s not a generous dude by nature.” I examined the mirror, frowning. “This had to cost him a pretty penny.”  

As I glanced into the looking glass, I thought I caught a movement over my shoulder. I jerked around, but nobody was there, not even Franny, our house ghost. Though she was free to leave now—I’d managed to break the curse holding her to the house, she had chosen to make it her home base and though she went out exploring, she spent a lot of her time here. The modern era made her giddy and frightened all at the same time, she had said. I glanced at the mirror again, then out the window, worrying my lip.

“Is something wrong?” Sandy asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I just have a peculiar feeling. I can’t pinpoint it.” Shaking my head to shake off the feeling, I shrugged. “Whatever it is, it will pass. I think I’m just claustrophobic from being locked up here for so long. It’s been weeks since I could drive myself around, but I should be good to go next week. Which is good, given our wedding’s only a few weeks off. Have you found your dress?”

Sandy shook her head. “Not yet. I still can’t make up my mind between the sarong style one or the mermaid dress. They’re both the right shade of red, and both gorgeous.”

I already had my dress. Essie Vanderbilt—the local vampire queen—had gifted me a beautiful red gown. It was satin, with a sweetheart neckline and the barest of lace cap sleeves. The bodice was covered with a fine lace overlay, and cascading layers of chiffon and tulle started at the waist. Essie had scrambled her nest and had hustled me over for fittings, begrudgingly letting Aegis carry me in until I could walk. I had hesitated on accepting it, but it was important to keep Essie both in favor, and in check, and so I had acceded to letting her give me the dress.

“Well, you only have a couple weeks and if they have to make many alterations, they’ll need the time to work on it.” I paused, wondering if there was something else going on that she wasn’t talking about. “Come on, spill it.”

“Spill what?”

“Look, woman, I’ve known you for almost four hundred years. I fought vampires alongside you, I partied hearty with the satyrs and nymphs alongside you. We’ve been best friends all this time. I know when something’s bothering you. What is it?”

She paused, then met my gaze. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was caught back in a ponytail, and she was wearing her usual get up—yoga pants and a crop top. Sandy was a health freak from way back. She was as athletic as I wasn’t.

“I’m worried about Jenna. I think she’s fallen in with the wrong crowd at Neverfell.” She shook her head. “And I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to be a mom, Maddy. I’m trying, but I just don’t know what to do.”

I sighed. There wasn’t much advice I could give her in that department. After thinking for a moment, I finally said, “I’m afraid I don’t have any good advice. But maybe, just maybe, we can find someone in Bedlam that can help."

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