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Tamuz 5779 Edition 35

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We are excited to introduce a new responsive design to the website. Browsing on your mobile is now easier than ever! We look forward to introducing several new features in the coming months.

Another Successful Engagement!

Shadchan Rus Kinn relates: "The Chabadmatch member I suggested a Shidduch to told a friend that the boy may be good for their daughter.  The mother contacted me to see if they were interested in the idea.  Both sides did research and agreed to the match.  They met, and about four weeks later got engaged!"

Are You Being Too Picky?

Igros: Shidduch with a Tamim

Volume 16, Page 151

In response to your letter of the 15th of Kislev in which you write regarding various suggestions for a shidduch:

To the extent that I know the Temimim students — and as I have also told your father shlita— there are to be found among the Temimim many individuals in whom one can consider and interest oneself with regard to a shidduch. I therefore do not understand why it should at all be necessary to go and seek [a shidduch] elsewhere.

Understandably, since no human being is absolutely perfect — only G‑d is absolutely perfect — it follows that the same is true with regard to the students. It is thus possible for people to find some qualities that are lacking in an individual, preventing him from being perfect.

However, as I have just said, the same [lack of perfection] is true regarding all individuals. All the same, [these imperfections notwithstanding,] people do get married and live happy and contented lives.

If, with regard to all other matters in life, one first seeks that which is most crucial and only then looks for that which is [of] secondary [importance], surely then this is so with regard to a shidduch, something which is of major importance for one’s entire life.

Surely one should not forego that which is most crucial and vital and begin the test [of whether the individual is worth considering as a possibility for a shidduch] with that which is the most trifling and inconsequential — and possibly even more trivial than that.


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