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May 15, 2020            


European Leaders on the Europe Day      |      Credits @ LR President Office

Lithuania sends humanitarian aid to Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine

Lithuania is sending essential medical supplies for combating the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) to Armenia, Moldova, and Georgia. The medical devices were manufactured in Lithuania. The country also sent a humanitarian cargo to Ukraine on 13 May.

52.6 thousand protective face shields worth EUR 100,000 were acquired from UAB Baltic Digital Printing and UAB Mediena Era.

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Lithuania joins clinical trials for Japanese Covid-19 drug

Lithuania is joining clinical trials of Avigan, a Japanese-developed antiviral drug, to be tested on Covid-19 patients, Health Minister Aurelijus Veryga said.

"Following the completion of all the necessary procedures, Lithuania is officially joining clinical trials of the drug Avigan developed by Japanese scientists," Veryga told reporters.

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Ministry of Energy prepares proposals on the location and capacity of wind power turbines in the Baltic Sea

The Ministry of Energy has submitted a draft Government Resolution to stakeholders for coordination on locations in the Baltic Sea where it is expedient to develop wind farms. Proposals were also submitted regarding the capacities of the power plants – it could meet one-quarter of Lithuania’s demand.

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Ambassador E. Bagdonas presents his letters of credence to Bahrain’s Foreign Minister

On 12 May, the first Ambassador of Lithuania to the Kingdom of Bahrain Edminas Bagdonas presented his letters of credence to Bahrain’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Alzayani.

The Ambassador E. Bagdonas conveyed the Lithuanian President’s wishes to the King and the people of Bahrain. The Foreign Minister Abdullatif bin Rashid Alzayani took interest in the situation in Lithuania and congratulated the country on the effective management of the pandemic.

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Royal Air Force Typhoon secure the Baltic States      |      Credits @ NATO Allied Air Command

15 women in European fintech you should know

European fintech has a noticeable lack of women in charge. But despite the shortage, there is a small handful of influential female chiefs and executives that merit coverage.

Lithuania is Europe’s second-largest (regulated) fintech hub. The country ranks first for its ratio of women in tech in the EU, and fintech is no exception — the main bulk of fintech companies based in Lithuania see women make up 30% or more of their workforce. In addition, two of its eight most highly-valued fintechs are founded by women.

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Revolution in Vilnius Old Town: no more transit

Vilnius continues taking advantage of the opportunities offered by quarantine: the idea of ​​freedom for outdoor cafes is followed by a new and an even stronger concept of freedom for the Old Town – freedom from car transit. Loop traffic to be introduced at the heart of the capital in July will allow getting rid of unnecessary transit traffic, and starting next week, four streets in the Old Town or their sections will be freed up for pedestrians.

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Eager to restart tourism, Central Europe takes cue from Baltics

The Baltics have created the first “travel bubble” in the EU, opening borders to each other's citizens. Now other countries, looking to restart their tourism, look for similar solutions, Emerging Europe reports.

Restarting travel and tourism in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic is the next headache facing governments across Central and Eastern Europe, particularly those in which tourism accounts for a large percentage of economic activity, such as Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria and Georgia.

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Digitization processes in the country accelerated by a global pandemic

Over the past five years, the digital economy in Lithuania has been steadily growing (7.6% of the total economy at the end of 2019, the EU average in 2017 – 10.3%). The digital economy in Lithuania is currently the 5th most significant sector of the economy in terms of its added value. In the digital economy, the information technology (IT) industry is the most prominent with 56% growth over five years, while the number of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals in Lithuania increased by 17%, accounting for 2.7% of the total number of persons employed at the end of 2019.

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How can manufacturers flux into post-COVID operations?

Corporate manufacturing strategies will no longer be the same in the post-COVID era. Strict measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak by governments around the world have created an unprecedented level of uncertainty. This is especially true with regards to consumer behaviour. Furthermore, global supply chains are experiencing strategic shifts. But for every threat manufacturing companies face, there are new opportunities emerging as well. So, despite the flux, manufacturers are actively shaping their manufacturing strategies.

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The Baltic States are planning their own travel area      |      Credits @ World Economic Forum


Have I told you that in Lithuania, the summer isn't just green, it's also... pink!
  |        Credits @ Lithuania. Real is Beautiful

Director Kaupinis wins German film festival's best director award

Lithuanian film director Karolis Kaupinis won the best director award for his debut feature, Nova Lituania, at goEast – Festival of Central and Eastern European Film, in Wiesbaden in early May.

Nova Lituania was among 16 competition titles in the main program. The best director award was awarded to Kaupinis by an international panel, the film's representatives said.

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Lithuania marks 100 years since first elected parliament

Lithuania marks the centenary of the Constituent Seimas, or Constituent Assembly, that was democratically elected in 1920 to draft and adopt Lithuania's first permanent Constitution of 1922.

On the eve of the centenary, the Lijthuanian parliament, Seimas, will pass a resolution marking Lithuania’s first parliament elected by "direct, democratic, universal, equal and secret suffrage".

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Producer on the Move 2020: Marija Razgutė • Producer, M-Films

Lithuanian producer Marija Razgutė established the Vilnius-based boutique film production company M-Films
in 2008 with a focus on producing fiction shorts and features with social, psychological, and family issues. Since the beginning she has worked with the young generation of Lithuanian film directors and she has been now selected as one of the 2020 Producers on the Move by European Film Promotion.

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Kaunas Birthday Party 2020: Courtyards Opening Up, City Celebrating!

Although the planned traditional event – a three–day fiesta will not take place due to the situation in the country, it is obvious that the quarantine will not prevent Kaunas residents from celebrating the city’s 612th birthday. On this occasion, a joint cultural gift is already being prepared for the 23rd of May. This year, festive initiatives are moving to the courtyards of the blocks of flats, streets of residential areas and virtual space. Cafes and restaurants will also offer safe community dinners in Laisvės Alėja (the Liberty Avenue).

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May 20
Digital Finance Outreach - Lithuania

The Digital Finance Outreach 2020 is a series of events organised in collaboration with Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, Bank of Lithuania, European Commission Representation in Lithuania and others, inviting Fintech enthusiasts to discuss digital innovation in the financial sector.

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May 20
The Geopolitics of Nuclear Energy

For decades the global nuclear energy industry was a highly diverse and vibrant market. Today the situation has changed with the global nuclear energy market becoming increasingly dominated by the state-owned companies of Russia and China.

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Expats in quarantine: adapting to new life in Lithuania

Expats in Lithuania, as the rest of the people in the country, were stuck indoors after the nationwide quarantine was announced on March 16. Here’s some of their stories, as profiled by Work in Lithuania, a government agency.

Salvatore Riniolo hails from California, near San Francisco, where he went to school and have lived for the last six years. Mesmerised by video games and the worlds they open, he wanted to developed games from a young age. Now he manages art content for Unity, one of several major game engine developers in the world.

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Exceptional, iconic and endlessly inspiring: Israel's national poet and Kaunas native - Lea Goldberg, or Lija Goldbergaitė, who left one "beloved country" to sing songs in another - the promised one...        |        Credits @ Lithuanian Art and Culture in Israel

Highlight of the Week
Vilnius in Bloom with Stiklių Quarter preparing for summer

Photo credits @ Go Vilnius

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