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Gina Murray Nurse of the Year Award We are Growing!

Gina Murray, BSN, RN Director and Co-founder of Aware Senior Care received the Sherry Leigh Thomas Nurse of the Year Award from the Association for Home and Hospice Care of North Carolina (AHHC of NC).

According to the AHHC of NC, the Sherry Leigh Thomas Nurse of the Year Award seeks to honor someone who “has dedicated their career and professional contributions to the field of home health or hospice care and has the heart of a teacher.”

Learn More About this Special Award from the AHHC.

Wake Living Aware Senior Care featured in the nationally published Aging Matters by

Aware Senior Care wrote for and was featured by Carol Marak, editor and chief public relations officer for The article “How to Age Well and Stay out of a Nursing Home.” Written by Aware was based on the book we read by Dr. David Fisher of Doctors Making House Calls based in RTP, North Carolina. Nine out of ten people will tell you they do not want to end up in a nursing home when they grow older. They want to stay at home. Of course, for some people, nursing homes are the best option to keep them as safe and well cared for as possible, but for others, there are simple things we can do to better prepare ourselves for a more independent lifestyle.

Read the article
Family Testimonials
Our FamilieS
“How likely are you to recommend Aware Senior Care to others?”

Louise F.
“They are friendly and professional. My son, who is a physician, really liked them on their last visit.”

Patrick S.
“They work hard at trying to find the right caregiver. They will get the right people if it isn't working and they do what is not an easy job. It is family-owned and not a franchise. They manage the business hands-on and are engaged.”

Our Caregivers
How likely are you to recommend working for Aware to an interested friend?

“They go over everything with me. If I need any kind of help, they are right there with me. If I need them to come over, they will. They are very involved.”

How would you rate the office support staff and the communication you receive from them?

“They are accommodating. Every time I go to the office, they are always smiling and encouraging me. They are a really good group of people to work for. I look up to them.”

How would you rate your employer's recognition of your accomplishments?

“We have had meetings where I come to the office and we talk about my progress or maybe things I need to work on. Whether it's good or bad, it's helpful, constructive criticism. They call and let me know if they and/or a client appreciated something I did.”

Read More Reviews Here!
It Takes A Village
The Aware Senior Care Circle of Support is a village of skilled individuals and organizations that share the common bond of helping people live well in their homes.

This month’s featured partner is Maura English Silverman, MS, CCC/SLP Founder and Executive Director of the Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited (TAP). We met Maura a couple of years ago through one of our clients and we attended her amazing learning to speak aphasia training. We so much admired Maura and TAP. We were inspired to hear from the people we met at the training about how TAP helped them not only cope with aphasia but make strides to regain their communication skills and their lives! Maura is a dedicated volunteer for TAP, and appreciates the opportunity to assist in the development of a wide range of programs for individuals with aphasia, their families and the community. She has benefitted from extensive experience with adult neurogenics along the full continuum of care and enjoys the collaborative efforts of the healthcare and wellness community.

Since 2003, TAP, Unlimited has been helping individuals with aphasia, their families and friends, and the community. Individuals with aphasia receive support and programming for as long as they want to, helping them return to the community with improved communicative confidence and full engagement. Programs are available for family/friends to Learn to Speak Aphasia, as well as to healthcare providers and businesses to increase access to services in their community. They are amazing people.

How can you help TAP?

TAP relies on volunteers and donations to provide these miracle working services, education and support. Volunteers are so much appreciated and can help in the following ways:
  • Help with office administrative tasks
  • Share talents and passions in the arts (music, drama, visual arts, etc.)
  • Serve on one of our 4 volunteer program committees
  • Assist individuals with aphasia on their Communication Support Team (CST)
  • Participate in fundraising and advocacy events
Donations and sponsorship for special fundraising events are welcomed. You can donate on-line any time and are welcomed to sponsor events such as the upcoming Sweet Sixteen fundraiser on June 21st at Cypress Manor in Cary.

Check out purchasing tickets or sponsoring at

Learn more about TAP by visiting
From the Blog
The population of the elderly needing care is expected to double in our lifetimes.

And we won't have the caregivers to care for them.

Economist Paul Osterman explores the issue in "Who Will Care For Us" and provides solutions we can start implementing now to close the gap.

Read the full blog here: Recommended Reading: Who Will Care for Us?
Take Some Action

Giving is Good!

Make it a commitment and ongoing habit to give!

In a recent TuesdayTip from Aware, Tim Murray CEO and co-founder of Aware discusses the joy you get when you donate or volunteer time to a worthy charity or not for profit. A quote Sir Winston Churchill once said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
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