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Latest news in the reservation system
A unique technology that handles reservations for you.
A modern office with touchONE

This smart solution makes your everyday work life so much easier. It helps you reserve your workplaces, meeting rooms, parking places, lockers, etc in a flash and from the comfort of your mobile phone while collecting all the data.

Available on any mobile phone, tablet or PC.

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A complete administration & reservation software solution

touchONE-solution is a software part of the touchONE ecosystem. It offers a web browser & mobile reservation application, a whole system administration & analytics application, and a server part ensuring data storage and necessary communication.

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Front-end applications

Applications installed within the touchONE-solution

Administration & analytics application

Intuitive front-end web application for central administration and management of the entire touchONE reservation system. It also offers statistics on the use of meeting rooms, workplaces, and other types of resources. Their analysis then makes it possible to better plan the configuration of the workspace.

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Planning & reservation application

Simple user front-end application for web browsers and mobile devices. It enables a quick search of shared jobs, meeting rooms, parking places, and other types of resources and their reservation, incl. ad-hoc booking using a QR code. The integrated dashboard provides the user with a complete overview of his reservations.

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New user features

Valid for firmware 23

Pandemic cleanup functions

A function can be set on all reservation panels, which will automatically send a request to clean the meeting room after the meeting. The panel also indicates that the room is not cleaned. This indication is canceled after cleaning. In addition, the panels have a cleaning mode in which the screen can be cleaned without accidental squeezing.

Info mode

All reservation panels and overview now support a simple digital signage function - playback of a sequence of images. This function is suitable, for example, for the presentation of information related to a pandemic. If the info mode is enabled, it is activated automatically if no one touches the panel for a certain period of time. Touching the screen returns the panel to reservation mode.

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Convenient reservation with NFC card

All touchONE reservation panels equipped with the NFC module and managed by touchONE-admin allow convenient reservation and its finish or extension by NFC card or by entering a PIN. The touchONE-admin offers NFC card enrollment for easy user authentication on all panels.

QR code for touchONE-assist

Reservation panels now display a QR code used by the touchONE-assist mobile application for ad-hoc meeting room reservations. When you arrive at the meeting room, you simply scan the QR code and confirm the reservation made on your behalf.

New layout for reservation panels

This new layout for reservation panels features a larger font used for the room display name and horizontally centered texts.

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Meeting list for overview

The meeting list is a new layout implemented in the touchONE-overview unit. On the connected display, it offers a list of reservations sorted by the start time of the reservation. Each reservation is displayed in one row, where the start and end time, title (subject), organizer, and location (name of the room, desk, etc.) are given. The meeting list can be displayed in landscape or portrait mode.

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New technical features

Valid for firmware 23

Automatic firmware update

For systems managed by touchONE-admin, automatic download and installation of a new firmware in touchONE panels and touchONE-overview is available.

Support for SCEP certificate enrollment

All touchONE units support the 802.1X authentication mechanism. Now the SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrolment Protocol) technology is implemented in all units. This protocol allows devices to easily enroll for a certificate by using an URL and a challenge password to communicate with a Public Key Infrastructure. SCEP also ensures that certificates are automatically updated before they expire.

IceWarp collection name

For IceWarp calendar server users, a new feature can be useful - the ability to specify a collection name. If no collection name is specified, the default name "Resources" is used. The IceWarp server is currently supported for systems managed by touchONE-manager.

Log files

Support for saving communication between touchONE-admin and touchONE panels or touchONE-overview in a log file. It is possible to store communication between units and calendar servers in the same way. Logging is set in the Admin Web of the respective unit. This can be useful in detecting server communication issues.

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