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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Dear friends and supporters,

We are exciting to bring you news from our latest activities in June: there were many more pangolins and Leopard cats saved from the illegal trade, new vet clinic is being constructed, our Anti-poaching team have done a great job, and more.


The Police confiscated pangolins hidden in a sleeping bus.

End of June, the Police of Ha Tinh Province confiscated many wild animals in a sleeping bus coming from Laos. There were 7 pangolins found together with many turtles and tortoises. We received the pangolins and transferred them to our wildlife rescue center. The three were dead because of dehydration and exhaustion but the four alive ones are getting better.

Also in June, we rescued a big number of 74 pangolins. We lost a handful of them because of systemic disease and severe infection, but the rest are doing well. The vet team worked continuously 10 hours per day even weekend to do treatment and quarantine process until their health condition was getting better.

Thank you for your care and generous support to us through the difficult time!

Many pangolins safely went home.

We completed a release trip of nearly 3000 km way to bring the healthy pangolins back to their natural habitat. It's always a delightful moment when seeing them walk into the wild.

Before the trip, the vet team conducted health screen for about 30 pangolins and 25 pangolins met the requirement to be released. By sending pangolins home, we make more room for other 110 pangolins are being taken care at our center at the moment. There is still a lot of work to the captive team, and the food source is getting rarer, not to mention the food cost is pretty high.

We have to hand-rear animal babies

We rescued a Leopard cat family in Thanh Hoa province in the early of June. Sadly, the mother cat was already dead before we came and a kitten was too weak to get over. At the end, there were two Leopard kittens still drinking milk. Our Vet team successfully hand-reared and weaned the two from formula to meat in a month. They have been moved to a bigger enclosure and started to learn natural behavior. Hopefully, they can be released in the future.

The new veterinary clinic is almost finished.

In May 2018, we began the construction of a new veterinary clinic within the rescue center. The new facility features a procedure room, a lab, office space for the vet team, and separate recovery/ intensive care units for carnivores and pangolins. The construction crew has completed 75% of the building. With the new facility, our vet team will be able to work to provide a higher standard of medical care for the animals in our center.


“Valuing nature in Childhood program” report found delightful results

The report of “Valuing nature in Childhood program” is completed 90%. We would like to share some positive results we have found:

  • 70% of the kids chose positive actions to protect wildlife.
  • 97,5% of kids agreed “Do not eat wild animal meat” and “ Do not keep wild animal as pet”, which showed that the kids have right attitude about Dos & Don’ts and the program activities inspired the love toward wildlife in them.
  • Moreover, 99% of teachers and parents and most of the kids expressed their desire to join the program in the future.

This amazing achievement showed great effort and endeavor of people who worked on the program. The final report will be announced next month.


The Anti-poaching Team conducted the first two weeks of patrolling.

32 camps were destroyed, 193 snares traps were removed from over 100km walk in the forest.

In the first 2 weeks of patrolling, our Anti-Poaching Team destroyed 8 camps of the poachers and removed 193 snare traps from their 100km walk at Pu Mat National Park. They also found and released two turtles (one was kept at a poacher’s camp and one stuck in a snare trap) in the second week. Pu Mat national park is huge with over 900 spare km, live near Laos border, so it requires lots of work in protecting the whole area. The Anti-Poaching team will continuously patrol the park, remove snare trap, save wild animal, arrest poacher and also help the rangers in other activities. Hopefully, the poaching activities will be reduced in this area, save more wild animal, protect the habitat in this huge national park.



Our Head Keeper, Jamie Morrison, has left the Pu Mat Rescue Centre in June to take up a new role in Southern Vietnam. Jamie had worked with SVW for over one year. Congratulations to him on his new role and a big thank-you to Jamie for his contribution and dedicated work to SVW. Wish him to be successful in his new role!


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