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Besides having our staff pick out their favorite item, we also have some great deals going on. 

If there is anything of interest that you would like to see in our newsletter, we always appreciate your feedback. All of you have helped us so much already with making Pleasure Island your one stop shopping for all your sexy and naughty 'pleasures' ;-)

Thank you so much from all of us here at Pleasure Island

Staff's Product of the Month

I asked my staff to pick their favorite item from Pleasure Island. Whatever that might be and it does not have to be a toy.

Just click on the picture and it will get you to the link of ours staff's products of the month.


Bonnie Rotten Doggy Style

Bonnie is up for anything whenever you are- though she's certainly flexible, that firmer texture underneath all the plushness stays true to the female form. This exhibitionist lady can be propped against cushions, or placed flat on floor, tabletop or bed, whatever suits the mood.

MSRP is $149.99 ON SALE $69.99

Bonnie Rotten Gaping Masturbator

Featuring the most lusted-after bits of tattooed temptress Bonnie Rotten, the Gaping A**hole F***er's offers up a sexy sot-lipped pussy opening as well as Bonnie's wide open butt to extra sexy advantage.

MSRP is $149.99 ON SALE $69.99

Slippery Stuff Lubricant Gel 8oz.

  • Slippery Stuff Gel personal lubricant, enhances the pleasure of human contact.
  • This silken gel has been recommended by physicians for two decades.
  • As to our knowledge it is being used in our hospital here in Kingston.
     Reg.Price $24.99 ON SALE $14.99

Toy Tip - How to choose

Technology has come a long way, with either remote control, app controlled or simply with a push of a button. Rechargeable toys are a trend these days as well, never run out of batteries, but you need to keep an eye on having your toy charged.

If you are at the cottage or camping, battery operated toys might come in handy, as you might not have a chance to charge your toy.

Almost all rechargeable toys are waterproof including being submergible, not just splash proofed. The battery operated are too, as long as you close the lit tightly.

For travel purpose, you might want to make sure that the toy has a locking feature, so your suitcase does not start vibrating. :-)

There a lot of different things to consider when buying a toy and here at Pleasure Island we are more than happy to help you to the knowledge you need to buy just what is right for your ‘special event’.

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