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# 18, 1-31 December, 2016


Asaval-Dasavali, 26 December - 8 January
Lali Moroshkina, Patriots Alliance:
„Georgia must reject Turkish products, and we mjust start exporting our products to Russia!“

Asaval-Dasavali, 19-25 December
Valery Kvaratskhelia, Socialist Georgia:
“Now Turks want Batumi and call it taking back their historical lands. And Georgians are, from this Georgia, criticizing the Soviet socialist Georgia. What do you call this…?."

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 3 December
Gia Areshidze, anchor:
"Let’s start with that statements of Erdogan, because they are alarming. Our neighbor [Turkey] is saying that Adjara and Batumi are theirs, and perhaps they will widen this to other regions too. Another neighbor, Putin, has recently made a statement that Russia does not have borders at all, not just with Georgia. These two men put this however they want "., 14 December
Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, Rights Defenders’ Union:
"Today Georgia unfortunately is full with agents of foreign intelligence agencies, and I’m not talking just about the western countries. Turkey also is active in Georgia, so I am very surprised that some people talk too much about Russia. With that countries it’s all clear – the government’s stated policy is that Russia is an enemy, but it’s interesting why don’t they say anything about the fact that Turkey spends enormous sums of money on opening Turkish schools in Adjara...“

Kavkasia, Barieri, 20 December
Gia Korkotashvili, Georgian Mission:
"So they [Turkish citizens] will by all agricultural land around Tbilisi, establish private cemeteries, and we’ll have to pay money for burials on that private cemeteries… can you imagine what they will do to us? Look out on Plekhanov street, and also look at the bars they have... Village girls come here, of 16-17 years, and Turks, Iranians and others they have them in that bars, and a Georgian guy cannot enter, they don’t have a right to..."

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 22 December
Niaz Bolkvadze, Union of Patriots of Adjara: 
„Opening of a Sunday school by another country, Turkey for instance, is not accepted in a normal society… This is unimaginable, first of all they don’t respect you, they don’t see you as a real government. So they decide everything instead of you.“


Asaval-Dasavali, 26 December - 8 January
Mikheil Tsagareli, astrologist:
“Our government does everything for the Islamic forms of spiritual development to prevail. There are not as many followers of Islam in Georgia as there are mosques, almost“.

Maestro, Contact, 7 December
Tamaz Rekhviashvili, resident of village Mokhe:
 “Bending their knees behind some building and praying is a provocation. They directly do this provocation. This is not a prayer what they [Muslim residents of Mokhe] are doing, prayer is a different thing, and this is a provocation.”

Alia, 12-18 December
Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, Chair of the Rights Defenders’ Union:
„They have covered Georgia in mosques, while in Switzerland they need a referendum to build a single mosque. Are we a more democratic country than Switzerland? I do respect Muslim, but their interests must not be satisfied at the expense of the country’s religious majority – Orthodox Christians.“


Asaval-Dasavali, 19-25 December, Alia, 12-18 December
Giorgi Berezhiani, writer:
"For how long should stay these faceless people, probably Suren’s slaves, the Public Broadcaster policy-makers? For how long the channel that we finance should remain Surenvision?
I demand from the MIA to make them piss [conduct drug test] and conduct their psychiatric evaluation!"

Asaval-Dasavali, 12-18 December
Alexander Abdaladze, Armenologist:
“I believe that visa liberalization will cause even more Georgians to flee Georgia and will make it easier for the Armenians to go with their plans and take over Georgia! Powerful Armenian diasporas in the USA and other countries are spending a great lot of money on the Armenian cause in Georgia.“


Kavkasia, Barieri, 6 December
Beno Kashakashvili, Georgian Dream
: "We want for housing and land to become more expensive for foreigners, so that they cannot buy our country as easily as it was happening during the recent years."

Alia, 19-25 December, Asaval-Dasavali, 26 December - 8 January
Sandro Bregadze, The Nationals: „This is what the Prime Minister [Giorgi Kvirikashvili] has decided to do for escaping economic collapse and for his survival – Georgian lands are being massively sold to foreigners, mostly to Indians. Now listen to me carefully, Kvirikashvili!!! Your decree starts massive sale of Georgian lands to Arabs, Africans, and so on. Take back your decree, or I will take down your helpless and non-entity government...

Alia, 26 December - 1 January,
Lado Sadghobelashvili, Patriots Alliance:
“In Palestine one square meter costs 10 000 dollars, so that nobody wished to buy land there!... Who appreciates this here?! Our government does not have such approach! One square meter in a village costs one dollar! For 10 000 dollars some foreigner will buy 10 hectares in Georgia.“

Asaval-Dasavali, 26 December - 8 January
Dimitri Lortkipanidze, Democratic Movement – United Georgia:
„...The neo-liberal international, with the help from its proxy government, is trying to replace the Georgian population with new and new waves of migrants, which for a small people like ours is equivalent to death! If this destructive policy does not change at once, in 2 or 3 years only half of Georgians will remain, since there will be mass migration from Georgia, while under the pretext of developing agriculture the country is entered by the Iranians, Indians, Pakistanis, who take over Georgian lands and quickly acquire Georgian citizenship!“, 14 December
Anzor Danelia, author:
„Walk on Marjanishvili Street, Aghmashenebeli and Rustaveli Avenues at night, and you’ll see what’s happening there. The country is taken over by the Arab, Persian, Ottoman, Chinese and other foreign so called restaurants, and in fact brothels, which sell drugs freely. Where are the police and state security? Why don’t they pay attention to this disastrous situation? Is American Ambassador prohibiting restoration of order in the country?“

Asaval-Dasavali, 26 December - 8 January
Gia Korkotashvili, Georgian Mission
: „Who is buying lands in Georgia – investors from the developed and democratic countries? No, Georgian agricultural alnds are bought by the Iranians, Iraqis, Arabs and Indians, who settle here and quickly multiply like ants! If we let them to settle in Georgia massively, the demographic picture will soon change so much, that Georgians become a minority“

Alia, 19-25 December
Zviad Tomaradze, Georgian Demographic Society XXI:
„So it is a problem to give citizenship to the Fereidanis, who kept their Georgian language in a foreign country for 400 years, but selling Georgian lands to the Arabs and Chinese is something to be proud of? That is why you in the new government are also anti-national and renegades, your time will come too, and you will have to answer for the damage you did to the Georgian people!“

Pirweli news agency, 18 December
Vazha Beridze, expert:
„Legalization of selling agricultural lands to foreigners is the beginning of end of Georgia. They have somehow slipped it in, mentioning decree law, hiding it but still justifying it, and saying it’s nothing. A lady from the Parliament says that we cannot work our lands ourselves, so it’s all right if foreigners do it and bring their compatriots to work as well (because our people are gone to Russia, Turkey and Greece).“

Religious Discrimination

Rustavi 2, Archevani, 20 December
David Isakadze, archpriest:
"Affter we received the pope with honor, singing in Svetitskhoveli, meeting him in the airport, how can we explain to people, to the society, that papism is a heresy".

Asaval-Dasavali, 19-25 December
Levan Vasadze, businessman:
„When you make an exception for our brother Kist privates, letting them to have beards in the army, as a result you cannot shave anyone! When you let Muslim prayer places exist in the Georgian army, you cannot control the imam institution and their gathering places that come to existence as a result!“

Imedi, Chronika, 30 December
Nazi Chkheidze, resident of Mokhe:
"Does blood have to be spilled, does someone have to die? This has to end somehow [about Muslim residents of Mokhe]. Who are in minority, us or them? Just look".


Asaval-Dasavali, 26 December - 8 January, Alia, 19-25 December
Lado Sadghobelashvili, Patriots Alliance: „As to liberty, get out of here and stick it into your liberast asses!“

Asaval-Dasavali, 12-18 December
Giorgi Gigauri, journalist:
„These “transgender women” differ from “transgender men” by prostituting themselves in the streets! Yes, these are “men” dressed as “women”, who offer themselves for money – they are regular prostitutes! So these prostitutes have established the Transgender Women Center, which protects their interests like a professional union!“, 7 December
David Mkheidze, author:
"Unlike our Parliament, the Russian Duma legally prohibited propaganda by the LGBT-pederasts among the minors, which means that there can never be gay parades in Russia, and they cannot even dream about legalization of same-sex marriages."

Saqinform, 12 December
Arno Khidirbegishvili, Saqinform editor:
  “Have the Georgians reached the condition when they can marry lovers of their own sex and have sex with their own children?"

Asaval-Dasavali, 12-18 December
Dito Chubinidze, journalist:
„Shameful Minister of Education Alexander Jejelava, whose head and belly walk separately, doesn’t like the character of Georgian folk tale Komble, but likes the school principal dressed in LGBT colors (Irma Kharshiladze) and the head of the resource center Beatrice, on whose website texts are written not in Georgian, but in some unintelligible Uighur dialect of the Mongol language!“

Asaval-Dasavali, 26 December - 8 January
Giorgi Gigauri, journalist:
„Why shouldn’t our rooster [gay] have identification number and a tattoo, through which anyone can know for instance how many hens has he coupled with and how many eggs can he produce?! Do we neglect the rights of roosters and their hens in Georgia?! What will Europe say?! Conchita won’t understand this either…”

Maestro, Line of Fire, 18 December
Grisha Oniani, “Stalin” society:
„When two men where kissing in front of the First High School, and putting tongues in each others’ mouth, should not we stop that?“

Marshalpress, 29 December

Guram Palavandishvili, Democratic Movement – United Georgia: "არის თუ არა As to the pederasts, this is a medica term, and tell me Madam Inga [Grigolia] do Salome Asatiani and [Giorgi] Gvakharia praise gays, let’s call them that if you prefer, and insult the Church? Tell me, is it propaganda of sodomy? They have LGBT people in their TV shows, LGBT activists, so why should I apologize, because they corrupt my children? I should not apologize… those who are engaged in this propaganda are unacceptable and enemies of humanity". 

Maestro, Line of Fire, 25 December
Givi Sikharulidze, actor:
"I am against this law they have adopted in Holland, that woman can marry another woman and man – another man. And what kind of priests are those who take part in such disgusting weddings... For me there is only one law, that is the law written by God, everything else is the law of the sin of Sodom and Gomorra, which I can never accept"., 14 December
Giorgi Razmadze, the head of the Avchala Saint Kethevan Church:
"I wonder how exactly “transgender women” have to get stronger... Them becoming stronger means accepting and multiplying their sins. Thus, these 400 or 500 square meters of [agricultural] land will be the place where the new Tower of Babel will be constructed."

Anti-Western sentiments

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 19 December
Gubaz Sanikidze, Democratic Movement – United Georgia:
“Georgia does not have the luxury to accept refugees, but our dearest partners might tell us: the camps, because in Europe we have problems… I hope that our government is not going to do this. But if our government dares to do so, I will be one of the first initiators to get rid of such a government, Because that would be direct treason! Both selling lands and letting in refugees..."

Asaval-Dasavali, 26 December - 8 January
Lali Moroshkina, Patriots Alliance:
„Russian police and intelligence agencies know every illegal Georgian by name, but they don’t touch them and permit them to not just live in Russia, but to work there and to support their families in Georgia! And this against the background when the EU forces us to humiliatingly beg for visa liberalization and Georgians are deported from Europe every day!, 7 December
Jaba Zhvania, author:
"Modern Europe is waving the Sodom flag of the LGBT and proclaimes the gravest deadly sin of pederasty to be normal.... No sane person will wish to enter such a geopolitical community, because all sane persons know what this will bring. Besides, the EU has not been a safe refuge for quite a while, Europe cannot protect its own citizens from threats anymore, from terrorism to the uncontrollable influc of migrants.", 7 December
David Mkheidze, author
: "...Vladimir Putin, along with strengthening the military, also had to take care about establishing moral order in Russia - he introduced very strict control over the so called NGOs who are the first propagandists of immorality, get huge financing from the West, claim to be human rights defenders, but in truth fight against everything national, traditional and Orthodox..."

Saqinform, 13 December
"To which Europe are you taking us?! Are these the praised European values?! Is this Europe we were dreaming to visit after visa liberalization? … Is this ours?! Is same-sex marriage, LGBT [anti-discrimination] law, incest and euthanasia for us, Georgians?! So how dare you to impose foreign values on us?! You coul not even learn the lesson when the third largest country of Europe – Great Britain – recently left the EU!", 7 December
Jaba Zhvania, author:
"Of course, Russia probably also has intelligence activities in Georgia, but they cannot even dream about the number of active and reserve assets that the West has, particularly the US and UK..... They finance and support the NGOs that are trying to undermine Georgian values and attack Georgian Orthodox Church."

Asaval-Dasavali, 19-25 December
Levan Vasadze, businessman:
“If we call everything by proper names, the West, as our second occupying power, each year demands and gets from Georgia the tribute of blood and money!", 14 December
Giorgi Razmadze, the head of the Avchala Saint Kethevan Church:
“The Western values mean freeing the individual from any boundaries, including morality. Honor as such mustn’t exist at all, only the human rights must exist... Their goal is to turn people into cattle and there are signs of that already in the modern West… What today is called Western democracy means same-sex marriage, gay parades, legalization of drugs, etc., while under the name of tolerance they mean opening borders and accepting hundreds of thousands of migrants, who might commit any crime in the country. This is objectively true and they are proud of it. I wonder why speaking about this publicly is considered anti-Western propaganda...“

Asaval-Dasavali, 5-11 December
David Nozadze, archpriest:
"In the Parliament of Italy men kissed men’s lips, and women – women’s. You can see what is happening there every day. Now someone will say that these are tectonic events, but that is wrong. God willed and earth moved, God willed and storm started, God willed and hale came, God willed and Sodom and Gomorra burned."


Asaval-Dasavali, 12-18 December
Giorgi Gigauri, journalist:
“Of course, any violence is unacceptable! Of course, father should not beat children! But how can you arrest father for hitting striking child?! This is worse than boundless liberasty, this is a disaster! This is determined fight against the institution of Georgian traditional family! And nobody should whine about Georgian traditional family beating a ninth-grader girl! No, beating a ninth-grader is not a Georgian tradition! The Georgian tradition is that there is man’s authority in the family and those who want to undermine this are mortal enemies of the Georgian traditions!“

Asaval-Dasavali, 5-11 December
Rezo Amashukeli, poet:
"For a very long time I thought that Elene Khoshtaria was a young guy, but she turned out to be a girl, though I am not entirely sure about that. She won’t stop until hit in the balls."

Marshalpress, 28 December
Irakli Chkhvirkia, Free Zone:
"Mr. David [Okitashvili], stop gossiping like a girl about how someone punched and murdered you".

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