Fall 2020
All Product Versions Release
“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”
~ Theodore Roosevelt
New Additions in the list of Integrations
Users can now enable TCS calculations as per government regulations on invoices using a channel or customer level flag
Uniware now supports mandatory E-invoicing to help eligible sellers meet all government compliances
Order Processing
Sellers, currently using Shadowfax or Delhivery can now allow automatic courier allocation to the next priority shipping provider in case the first fails due to any serviceability errors. This is applicable for both forward shipments and reverse picks ups
Sellers can now choose tax slab for tax calculation on bundle items based on either Price of the whole bundle or of the components, helping them make appropriate configuration based on their use case
Add bundle SKU code for each item of picklist for improved operations
Users will now be able to pick bundle items with ease by adding Bundle SKU Code for every line item of picklist to the picklist template
Sellers can now prevent the initiation of the picking process in case any shipment is on hold in order to increase operational efficiency. For the item kept on hold post picking, sellers can also ensure that courier allocation and label printing is not done till the item is removed from hold
Users can now split bundle quantities into different shipments while receiving the invoicing picklist

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