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Snippet time!

Suuuuuper quick (and late!) update! The Savage Chase audio fiiiiiiinally released on Apple! You can find all the audio links RIGHT HERE!

I also have a little snippet. I'm so excited to tell this story, eek! 



Rhys let off a frustrated growl and turned a glare on his alpha. “You and I both know where this is heading. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it’s somewhere down the line. All the nights in the cave and second chances won’t stitch me back together.”

The fact hit him hard. Harder than ever, in fact. He’d known for a long while he’d be one of those shifters meeting a final, bloody end, but only in the last few months had something inside him rebelled.

His lion snarled and shoved sendings at him. Green eyes. Gorgeous, green eyes.

Trent nodded thoughtfully and pushed to his feet. “That’s about what I expected,” he said with a shrug, “but you’re living in a different reality if you think I’m giving up. You’ve made it six years, asshole. You don’t get to flush those away.”

Rhys let off a frustrated growl and clamped down on the beast. Fuck this talking bullshit. Words didn’t suit him. They hadn’t helped keep Hannah alive. They hadn’t helped when he exacted his revenge. Words hadn’t kept him from being exiled from his own fucking pride.

He’d had a mate. A mate with blue eyes, not green. A mate who was dead.

There was no coming back from that.

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New from friends!
Tamed: A Curvy Girl and Dragon Shifter Romance (Black Dragon Brotherhood Book 1)

He has a darkness in his soul that he doesn't know if he can contain. She's smart as hell, or maybe she's actually from Hell.

Neo can't lead the Black Dragon Brotherhood in their fight against evil if he can't get back to their headquarters in Rogue with news of the newest threat from Hell - shadow warriors.
His best bet is the luscious, curvy fire witch who doesn't seem to know how to use her powers, but has the tainted human lawmen running in circles with her sexy-as-hell smarts.
When her powers surface and bring the shadow demons and their human minions down around them in force, he must choose.
Save his one true love, his fated mate, the woman who can redeem his own soul, or save the world.

Grab the first book in an explosive new series from the author of Dragons Love Curves to get your fun action-adventure curvy girl and dragon shifter romance fix!

*Part of this story were previously published as A Touch of Fate. This new full-length novel version re-imagines the Fated For Curves series with dragons as the heroes.

Playing with Hellfire: A Paranormal Romance (Sin Demons Book 1)

The devils aren't in the details.
They're in my bed...

When my warlock foster father trades me to demons for his outstanding debts, I find myself in Hell on Earth. I’m thrust into a supernatural underground crime ring I can’t get out of, eternally bound in a contract I never made.

Three hot-as-hell demons stand in between me and my freedom.

A tattooed, brutish Hellhound shifter. An incubus with the power to bend wills on command. And the heir to Lucifer’s throne—the original sin demon, Pride, himself. I have to find a way out of the deal before they devour me, body and soul.

But I’m no angel. There’s something inside me, something that craves the chaotic darkness these demons possess.

Escaping may mean giving in to Hell’s more sinful temptations. But playing with fire only hurts if you get burned...

Bestselling authors Mila Young and Harper A. Brooks have brought the heat with this fiery and sinful paranormal romance. It'll leave you burning up for more! Scroll up and 1-click to give into your darkest temptations today!

Playing with Hellfire is book one in a demon romance trilogy.

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