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Summer. It brings up thoughts of cold lemonade, holidays at the beach, and...war? 

On June 16, 1862, that's exactly what it brought to Charleston, SC, one of the hardest hit cities in the Civil War. The Battle of Sucessionville was a Union attempt to take the city by land. It failed. So when the North returned a year later, they meant business.

The Siege of Fort Wagner, located on a Sea Island at the mouth of Charleston Harbor, commenced on July 10, 1863 and kicked off nearly continual fighting in and around the city until the end of the war. Nicknamed "Gate of Hell," the Charleston Campaign marked one of the first instances Negro regiments were used in battle. (Wagner inspired the movie Glory.) Bombardment of the city began shortly after Wagner fell, with the installment of the Swamp Angel, a 30-pounder Parrott gun that could lob 150-pound shells over 5 miles to the city.

This bloody, dynamic campaign continued for nearly a year and a half and serves as the backdrop for the second book of my Ella Wood trilogy, Blood Moon. Go rewatch Glory then grab a copy of book one, Ella Wood. It's free everywhere.

Before you go, be sure to check out the books and promos featured below. They're always free or bargain priced. I bounce between dystopian, historical, and middle grade fiction (the major genres I write in), sometimes even a bit of fantasy or romance (my subgenres), just to keep things interesting. And this week I'm sharing my first-ever Rafflecopter giveaway.

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When America Was Young Rafflecopter Giveaway

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Deals and steals:

I met Carissa Andrews in 2018, when we both participated in a cross promo together. She's great. Sassy and reliable. A self-published author who has it together. And her adventures pack a big punch. She writes in the edgier genres like dystopian and paranormal. Oracle is one of her newer books, priced at 2.99. The Final Five is a free accompanying novella. Have a look!

Even the most powerful psychic in the world has her blind spots.

A witch, an angel, and an oracle. Three souls with one destiny: Find the Final Five.

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Five promos today. Two Historical Fiction, two Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and a huge summer catch-all. The first I organized on my own website. Hope you find something you like!

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A former teacher and longtime homeschooler, MICHELLE ISENHOFF writes for children and adults. Her work has been reader-nominated for a Cybils Award, the Great Michigan Read, and the Maine Student Book Award. Michelle writes from Michigan where she bikes all summer and wears flip-flops all winter.