September 2021

Hello Reader!

There has never been a better time to escape from real life. My heart aches for our fallen service members, their families and friends, and the people of Afghanistan. Add to that the earthquake, flood, hurricane, and covid, and I'm ready to say goodbye to August! In the grand scheme of things, it's not much, but I've donated my projected book release week royalties to a couple of charities that are helping those causes.

The heart can only take so much of the weight of the world, so I believe it's healthy to grab a book now and then and take a break to recharge. I'm going to do that, and I hope you will, too.

I wish you a better September!

Warmest regards,



Annie Pope loves Finn Burton, and he loves her too — as a friend. Even after they both begin college, they return every year to their families’ next-door summer cottages and spend all their spare time together.

But when Finn graduates and takes off backpacking through Europe with his college girlfriend — a girlfriend he’s never mentioned to Annie—she’s forced to face facts. She is merely the sister he never had, and he’s the boyfriend she’ll never have.

Two decades later, with each at a crossroads, they return to Cedar Creek and resume their old friendship. But does friendship feel like this?

Get your copy of this sweet, small-town romance about the power of friendship and the serendipitous nature of love. New Release Discounted Price: $2.99.



Please don't make me read in order

I love this, mainly because I feel the same way about writing series. I've only written one sequential series, and even that followed one romantic couple's story per book. The rest are connected by theme and can be read in any order. So I'm on the same page as this writer. Read more.


Fabio talks dating at 62 and his hope to still marry: 'There is quantity, but I want quality'

Hey, single ladies! Here's your chance! Fabio is looking for a wife, and he wants to have children. At 62, that means he's looking for a woman young enough to be his daughter. Or granddaughter. And she has to not mind bugs. (So many rules!) Read more.


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