Five great podcasts about comic books to listen to...

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Podcasts have really come unto their own in the last decade. They slip right into that niche of time where most of their audience is busy doing something else. For me, it's at work, where I'm standing at a table assembling art into picture frames. Some people listen to podcasts while running. Others while walking the dog, or just walking.

This is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list compiled by experts. It's just what has caught my attention as five fairly interesting podcasts that are about creating and making comic books/graphic novels. I'm sure there's plenty others out there to peruse. I do promise however that these five really do have a message to pass on to the listener and they all work hard at being informative, insightful and entertaining -some times all three at once!

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updated every Sunday

I've known Tyler for almost ten years now and he's never been at a loss for words in breaking down the comic book publication and marketing process. He's also very gifted at bringing in people in all aspects of the business to discuss useful information on creating and making comics.

Cosmic Treadmill

start at 2018

This one I include with a caveat. Scroll down to the early episodes. Chris is heavily into X-men and you'll want to start at around 2018 where he's co-hosted with Reggie (who passed away a few years back).

There's several sub-titles in the podcast. "Weird Comics History" is good. Again, scroll scroll scroll down to around 2018 and newer. Avoid any X-titles as you'll get Chris' rambling solitary voice. Together they rule!

"Weird Comics History's" Episode 143...

Mary Worth: The Aldo Kelrast Saga is really really funny!

Deconstructing Comics

updated every Sunday

This one's got two guys, one's named Tim who's out of Tokyo Japan. Another guy is somewhere else in the world like Australia. Together they critique a listener-submitted comic, and also look at trends in comics.

Part Time Fanboy

updated every Wednesday

My good friend Kristian Horn hosts this weekly podcast. Kristian talks about his friend's comic projects but also sometimes devotes entire podcasts to cultural phenomenon like Rocky or Escape from New York, real nerdy niche stuff!

Worst Collection Ever

... been out of circulation for a while, but older episodes are really good!

Shawn and Jen discuss their latest goings on while cracking open a truly horrific comic that was dug out of the bargain boxes. Hilarious and upbeat!

That's it! Have a great weekend!

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