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Mar-Cheshvan 5779 Edition 27

Boruch Dayan Emes: Mrs. Atara Guez

With great pain, we mourn the loss of a caring and special Shadchan, Mrs. Atara Guez. Shlucha in Romainville, France, she made over 100 Shidduchim and was also founder of a French Shidduchim website: May her Neshama have an Aliya and shall many Shidduchim be made in her Zechus.

Letter of Rebbe to a Single Girl

Reprinted from A Chassidisher Derher

A girl wrote to the Rebbe about her difficulties in shidduchim, and how it had affected her spirits. The Rebbe responded: אזכיר עה"צ

In response to your previous letter - about your situation and your mood -
I read it with great shock - If you pay attention to the simple meaning of the eighteen morning Brachos, in which you bless Hashem at the beginning of every day - You will see that, bli ayin ara you have been blessed with all of them. In addition, you have been blessed with good health, good parents, good education, a good community, a good profession and parnassa, and more.

If so, what is the justification for your complaints and so on?!
The only thing that needs to be fixed - is that you are not married yet.
And the true cause for that is - that when you are offered a Shidduch you look for excuses to get out of it.

When you change this [attitude], this matter too will come to its resolution.
I will mention you at the tziyon.

Evolution of Jewish Dating

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