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This is Blair Babylon, your favorite romance author. I write smart, fun, dirty books for women because we deserve it.

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And if you read in German, Billionaires in Disguise: Rae is being published as Heimliche Milliardäre: Rae later this week! French editions will be available in March.

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Two novels + 1 story = 1 Great Boxed Set!


Three brand-new cozy mysteries from the Grand Duchess of Royal Romantic Suspense, Blair Babylon!

One Mini-Mystery: The Mystery of the Missing Crystal Golf Ball. At the Canterbury Golf Club’s monthly luncheon for prospective members, retired kindergarten teacher and Lady Captain Beatrice Yates is horrified when a crystal golf ball that had been owned by the great golfer Bobby Jones goes missing. Accusing the prospective members of stealing the priceless golf relic will surely insult them and they will stomp out, thus helping the thief escape.

Full-Length Mystery Novel: A Murder at the Country Club. On the night of the Canterbury Golf Club’s First Annual Glow-ball Golf Tournament, Lady Captain Beatrice Yates argues with Rudolph “Ruddy” Agani in front of all the members and specially invited guests because Ruddy can’t get along with anyone. When Ruddy is found murdered on the club’s seventeenth hole soon after, Beatrice becomes the prime suspect. Even her best friend and golf partner, Trudi, struggles to defend her.

Full-Length Mystery Novel: A Murder at the Devils Ball. Retired kindergarten teacher and Lady Captain Beatrice “Bee” Yates is in charge of the Canterbury Golf Club’s annual Halloween masquerade party, the Devil’s Ball. A storm blows up and wipes out the clubhouse’s road, stranding the partygoers at the club for the night, and one of the guests winds up dead at the bottom of a staircase. Everyone assumes a terrible accident occurred in the fatal fall of the vivacious and flirtatious Vanessa, but Bee suspects foul play.

Get this special boxed set before it escapes into the night, never to be seen again!

Seriously, this is a limited-release boxed set. It will be unpublished in about 2 weeks. I will probably not publish it again for at least 2 years or longer.

All three titles in this boxed set were previously published with the same titles under the author pseudonym Jessa Archer.


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Hear ye, hear ye!

Have you heard Blair's two audiobooks? Hard Liquor is coming soon!

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The audiobook for WORKING STIFF narrated by JOE FREAKIN' ARDEN has been published! Let Joe whisper dirty things in your ear while you drive or exercise or do housework!

Just a warning: I nearly drove off the road. Stay safe.

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If you like Teddy Hamilton as a narrator, you'll LOVE John Lane! Also a real, live British person, John has perfectly captured the character of Lord Arthur Finch-Hatten. 

Oh, when John drops his voice to do Arthur's sexy English growl . . . oh, mama. 

::fans self::

BIG THANK YOU to Meghan of Books 2 Love Now at Instagram  for this amazing collage and review about Arthur Finch-Hatten in the Stiff Drink and Hard Liquor Duet! 

See ALL the ways to read it (including audio!) here!

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"Stiff Drink/Hard Liquor - Blair Babylon -
Best Contemporary Reformed Bad Boy of 2019

Blair Babylon has a way of writing incredibly sexy, hot Alpha males that also have an intense emotionally vulnerable side. Arthur from the Working Stiff trilogy has a special place in my heart. The Working Stiff books are part of the Runaway Billionaires larger world. In that series Arthur's story is the second one. Arthur is someone who deliberately sets himself up to be scorned while desperately wanting someone to see beneath the surface and love him. He's a handsome, titled, bad boy who talks dirty like it's his religion. The story between him and Gen was never going to fit in one book. Arthur's and Gen's story is book two and three in the trilogy. You don't need to read Rox and Cashmir's story to understand Arthur's but it helps. Gen is one of my favorite heroines. She's strong, feisty, and yet so broken from her past. What I love about her relationship with Arthur is that he doesn't try to fix her himself. He gives her the decisions and lets her slowly heal herself. Arthur and Gen will both surprise you which is honestly is one the best things that can happen in a romance novel. This is a super steamy book with multiple sex scenes. Triggers: past rape, some violence, and parent deaths.

5 out of 5
for a bad boy that's different from the rest. A heroine who never gives up and a super smart dog."

Shout out to Sonia L. for telling me through the CONTACT form on my website that Nothing Else Matters, Xan Valentine #4, is currently not available at Kobo. There's a tech glitch that we're still working on. It should be back soon.

If you see something that I should know about, please contact me through that form or in my reader group on Facebook. 

My current favorite meme.

For screen readers:

I heard there was a secret chord
That Data played, and it pleased the Borg,
But you don't really care for Androids, do ya?
It goes like this: the Borg, the Sith
The crossover movie and the budget shift,
A baffled fandom crying Hallelujah!

And now you can't get it out of your head, either. Have a nice day. ~BB 


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Love and thank you!
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