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Little birbs + a sneaky peeky of Seth & Lilah!

I told you we were becoming bird people =P

Meet Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten! They are seven days old in this picture. Mr. Lane has been waiting for me to get done with work before he does his daily check on the nest box so make sure everything is in order, so I've been snapping pictures each day. If all keeps going well, they will join their siblings One through Six out in the wild world of wind and branches sometime late next week.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! The final chapters of Savage Craving are being worked over this week, then the Edit Battle begins! And since we're so close to release, how about a sneak peek?



He wrapped a hand around Lilah's wrist and pulled her to her feet. One quick twist spun her around and pinned her between him and the table. He flattened her hands on the surface, then skimmed his palms up her arms. 

Heat flared under his touch and something brushed against his mind. He wanted to grab a handful of her hair and tilt her head to the side. Expose her neck. Inhale her sweet scent and mark her as his own.

Focus. Seth squeezed his eyes closed. He opened them again when his hands reached her shoulders. He didn't have time to figure out what the hell was going on in his head with a task at hand.

"I'll ask you again," he said thickly. "What did you put in my drink?"

Lilah tried to rear back, but his hands on her shoulders kept her locked in place. "Let me go," she hissed.

“Your choice,” he growled. “Dangerous games, Lilah. I can’t guard you if you try to poison me anytime my back is turned.”

“I don’t know you,” she shot back. “I can’t trust you.”

From her shoulders, he ran his hands down her back. That sensation pulsed against his mind, stronger than ever. He could almost feel fur sliding under his skin.

At her hips, he spanned around her front and slid his palms down her thighs. So close, he couldn't smell anything but her citrus and lavender scent. His mouth watered and blood rushed straight to his cock. It was a relief when he stepped away from her body to crouch at her side. No worry of her knowing how fucked his response to her nearness when he wasn't pressed against her.

Lilah's breath turned ragged as he dragged his hands down one leg. "Stop," she whimpered.

Sweet fuck. Seth bit back a groan as the thin thread of her arousal hit his nose. Spit and hiss at him, try to poison him, she, too, felt that odd connection between them.

It was almost like the reaction between mates.

Seth nearly fell on his ass. Impossible. At least for him. He didn't have an animal half. He didn't have fangs to claim her. Those instincts didn't exist in him.

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Christmas in July Week 3!

New from friends!

Bear Warrior of Water (Alphas & Alchemy: Elemental Shifters Book 4)

Most thunderbird children aspire to be chosen…

Only one in a generation will be Warrior of Sky, right hand to the dragon god. I never wanted the power or responsibility, but he still picked me. To defy my dragon means death, so I must juggle duty and morality to stay alive.

But when Hale, Warrior of Water, prevents me from carrying out my dragon’s latest orders, everything changes.

Hale is everything my world is not. He’s light in darkness. He’s kind and forgiving, compassionate and understanding. Even more, he pushes me to discard everything I’ve ever known for a life I’d never considered possible.

To surrender and let him in is to spit in the face of everything my people stand for. Giving in to my desire will ensure my punishment.

How long can I fight when all I want to do is submit?


DORIAN: A BBW Bear Shifter Romance (Shifter Dating App Book 1)

An Older Man, Younger Curvy Woman Shifter Romance

Shifters are real.
All right. I can deal with that.
But this dating app is telling me my perfect match is a bear.
Please. I’m so not falling for that scam.

I have had enough of waiting.
My mate is out there and I have to find her.
It doesn’t matter what it takes,
I’ll make her mine.

Shifter Dating App is a new series by Erin Havoc. Each book can be read individually. If you’re into over-the-top romance, protective shifters, sweet and steamy scenes, this one is for you! Reader discretion is advised.


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