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Hope the latest BLING news hits your inbox at a good time 2020 sure has a nice futuristic ring to it huh! After being offline for a couple of weeks I came back to a pretty BIG to-do list in the midst of school holiday twin-wrangling (did someone say valium 😜) so am just getting back into Barbarella RHYTHM. Here's some of what's coming up in the Barbarella GALAXY 💥(best follow #barbarellaproductions on social if you want more frequent event news & FUN)

💜JAN 17th:
 One Wave Fluoro Friday - you don't need to be a surfer or yogi to join the Fluoro Tribe! Give yourself a health check from the neck up from 6.30-7am South Bondi (+ over 100 locations globally). 
💜JAN 24th - Bx Networking Bondi Breakfast - Bx Bondi starts up again, with other breakfast & lunch meet-ups throughout the week all over Australia. Wanna know more about how Bx can support your business? Get in touch with Barbarella!

💜FEB 1: #BITCHCON - Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine are hosting their first ever global conference in Sydney, in partnership with The Hunger Project & MYOB. Tickets selling fast for all brave BITCHES (blokes included!) + after party🍹
💜FEB 9: SOUL OF SYDNEY- Barbarella LOVES to boogie with the super funky S.O.S. tribe! Shake off your business/life frustrations and get your groove on for some Barbarella FUN💥

Want your business to THRIVE in 2020? Do your customers know that you LOVE them? if not, they'll simply go somewhere else, including your best talent! Barbarella would be thrilled to work with you to create an unforgettable WOW event to bring people closer to your brand. 

So how does Barbarella LOVE support businesses to THRIVE? Check out Barbarella's Case Studies.
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