Announcing the NEW Custom Engraved Asylum Inmate Heart Necklace! Don't have an Inmate Number? I'll assign you one!
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Inmate Number Heart Necklace with Custom Engraving
Inmate Number Heart Necklace with Custom Engraving

Yes indeed, this elegant and oh-so-delicate holiday treasure can be customized with your very own Asylum Inmate Cell Number, and comes in your choice of three precious metal coatings over a base of sterling silver: 24K Gold, 18K Rose Gold, and White Rhodium.

If you already have a Cell Number, you will have the opportunity to enter it on the product page here. If you don't yet have a Number and would like me to assign you one (yours forever, written down in my Asylum Records Book and never to be given to anyone else), then I will delightedly do so! Either way, I will personally oversee the customizing of your necklace myself to make certain that your sparkly new treasure is just as you wish it. 

Oh, and if you've got nothing to do and fancy a read, I did do an Instagram post explaining how this gorgeous trinket wasn't meant to be up on offer yet but that I accidentally wore it in this photo below and so had to change plans.

Visit the Asylum Emporium to view the Custom Engraved Asylum Inmate Heart Necklace.

In any event, I'm thrilled it turned out this way as I love this necklace, wear it nearly every day, and do in fact sleep in it every night, and I think you will adore it just as much.

Visit the Asylum Emporium to learn more!
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