DrJoyCoaching Newsletter, vol. 10

August 2021 

Hi Friends, 

I just got back from Hawaii, and the trip tested me in so many ways. I am happy to say that some resilience-building techniques and new attitudes helped me to get through them. Let me explain. 

First, as the master family planner,  I had scheduled a family vacation at a rental home in Kona that had a no-refund policy, and then, later, realized that I had scheduled it during a time when I had to be home for a two-day golf event in my honor. Not like I could just say, "do it without me". So, my husband (bless his soul) was able to reschedule my airline tickets (purchased with his premier status) and he and the kids left for Hawaii as planned, and I joined them several days later. In earlier days, this snafu would have really done a number on me--I would have been saying things to myself like:  "oh, you're so stupid," "what is wrong with you", "you ruined everything." (Who is this third person judging me in my head, anyway???)  But with some new tools to help deal with this, I was able to take it in stride, and turn it into a gift-- a 4-day staycation, just me and the dog. (Oh yeah, I forgot about who is going to take care of the dog while I'm away all day? No worries, it all worked out) The point being, sometime things don't go as planned, and you can still make lemonade with those lemons, and not become a total sourpuss. 

Then, the sole of my shoe literally came off while I was walking down the steps to get off the airplane. I could have been totally annoyed and frustrated, but I laughed it off as best I could, and looked at it as an opportunity to shop for new shoes. Who wouldn't love an excuse to go shoe shopping, am I right?! 

Between walking along the water, and socializing with old and new friends, I also had the opportunity to spend some special time with my daughter over coffee. You just never know with adult kids how much time you will have with them... I enjoyed time on the lanai, lounging and relaxing, and I did some online yoga in the backyard of the rental house! So many highlights- how about golfing with goats?

So when a Tsunami warning was called the night before our departure, I asked the universe what it was really trying to tell me?! Yeah, no joke, it was very nerve-wracking. But all was well, and we didn't have to evacuate. We were able to depart the next morning as scheduled and come back to the real world.

Life is challenging. Little bumps in the road can annoy you, but big bumps can derail you if you don't have the tools to deal with them.  I have discovered that a daily meditation practice, and using Heartmath techniques in-the-moment can help a lot. Also, by recognizing the little voices in my head that are constantly trying to sabotage me, I can be more aware of ways to intercept the self-sabotage and find my true sage wisdom. 

If you are interested in learning more about HeartMath or about the Positive Intelligence program and how they can be used in the context of coaching, let me know. Feel free to take the Saboteur Assessment and forward your results to me so we can chat about how you are being sabotaged by your own brain! 

Be well, and don't forget to breathe...


P. S. Please feel free to check out my website www.DrJoyCoaching.net, and follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram (@DrJoyCoaching). Also, if you know another woman physician you think would benefit from coaching, please forward this email to her! 

P.P.S. If you're looking for the goats, here they are...

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