Good morning friends🌻

It is Extra Practice again and this is (a bit late again) the October newsletter again, yes, again: it is our one-year-newsletter-anniversary this month, yes yes, one year and one week ago Ben sent out the very first XP newsletter, and we managed to write one every single month. It’s a nice ongoing cycle we are in together, something we keep alive and it keeps going and growing.

the sunflowers of extra practice, looking sad

We also grew a giant sunflower in our tiny garden this summer, but as you can see, she is at the end of her life cycle and frankly, an accurate illustration of my (Emma's) mood lately: less energy, less colour in my face, bad posture, a bit worried about my future.. see, this sunflower will not grow back again, at least not automatically, not like our annual daffodils and hyacinths. But that's ok, because we can harvest her seeds and plant them back again in spring, or we could plant something completely different, who knows.. we don't have to decide now, we have the whole winter to do that. I just constantly feel like I need to plant the seeds for my next project before the current project ends, but I have no idea what to plant??? I feel this familiar hurry all the time and I wish I could let go of it. I guess sometimes it's just nice to know that at least some bulbs will bloom again and again, the daffodils and the hyacinths, and I guess what I'm trying to say is that, even if I have no idea what kind of work I am going to be doing from February on, at least there will be XP. So for now, maybe just, let go ðŸ‚

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It is also almost November 5th again and like last year, we want to invite you again to another bonfire night at XP. With food and some form of fire (rumor has it Maurik is bringing a hand-made-cooking-device again, this time a pizza oven). Hope to see you there (again) Saturday 5th of November @ Zwaanshals 209 from 17:00 🔥

The coming weeks Good Times Bad Times and Radio Robida are sending each other some live love: every Tuesday at 19:00 a member of either collective will share a piece of reading they care about out of care. Tune in at either or ❤️‍🔥

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