If they made Marvel Movies in the 1960s

Marvel Comics' characters had a fantastic run in the modern era of film making, starting from about 2004 with Tobey Macguire's Spider Man.

Suppose however that the public interest + film technology + cash flow were at the right level way back in 1961 to 1965 or so when Marvel was first getting started? Who would I cast in the major roles? Which Hollywood faces 'match' the look of their comic book counterparts? Let's get started with the major ones first, more to follow later.

The Amazing Spider Man:

For a comic that was going to get cancelled (Amazing Fantasy) after a few issues it was Stan Lee's good fortune to find his idea about a high school nerd getting bitten by a radioactive spider so enthralling, building the brand for Marvel for many decades to come.

Let's say this was a big enough deal in 1962 or so to warrant going to the big screen? Here's who I would cast:

Peter Parker/Spider Man

Robert Walker Jr.
Better known from Star Trek as 'Charlie X'. He's got the wimpy gangly looks of the classic Spider Man.

Mary Jane Watson

Anne Margaret, of course.

Aunt May

Ellen Corby
Aka Grandma Walton. She's got the right sense of frailness to keep Peter in trouble trying to save her.

J. Jonah Jameson

Spider Man's nemesis
Lee J. Cobb

The cigar-chomping caricature of the typical news editor.

The Fantastic Four

The start of Marvel's run in the 1960s, emphasizing its contrast to D.C.'s style -ironically, FF was supposed to be Marvel's answer to The Justice League which was doing well for the competition. Who would I cast in a feature film of them?

Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards

Russell Johnson aka The Professor on Gilligan's Island
Well, it figures. A professor for the smartest stretch-man in the universe.

Sue Storm/The Invisible Girl

Connie Stevens
Not many famous blondes from the 1960s to pick from. Marlyn Monroe was too big -even after death- to allow for blondes. Plus you got Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor etc.

Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

Dwane Hickman/aka Dobie Gillis
Again, slim pickings for blonde guys too. But he looks the part.

Ben Grim/The Thing

Anthony Quinn
Slow, but steady composure, unless you rile him. That's Anthony Quinn alright.

Dr. Doom

Derren Nesbitt
Remembered mostly from The Prisoner as the new Number 2 (God I loved that show!)

These are the actors who would get these roles if Marvel made movies in the 1960s!

Next time: Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Daredevil, Dr Strange, Sub Mariner!

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