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Silent Hunger
Newsletter • Friday 5 June 2020

Dear Friends

We hope you and your loved ones are well. The Covid-19 pandemic is leaving a trail of unprecedented need, especially amongst the poor and poverty-stricken communities. Besides, hunger, poor communities also suffer from something called ‘silent hunger’. This is when people have access to food but not nutrients.

The Inani Startwell Foundation realizes the urgency to not just feed hungry people, but to make sure they are nutritionally nourished.

It is especially pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as small growing children which require daily access to proper growth nutrients. When they are exposed to silent hunger for certain periods, these children can become stunted causing irreversible cognitive, physical and mental disabilities.

The Answer is Easy

Give children real food – not processed sugary carbs in the form of pre-cooked maize flour, sugar and salt blends.

How do we keep it affordable?

We will make the nutritious food through a not-for-profit business model or Social Impact Business. As there are no shareholders, the focus shifts away from profits to shareholders, towards nutritional content for the beneficiaries or consumers of the meals. The not-for-profit business sells these meals to the feeding schemes and is projected to be highly sustainable.

Want to help? Find out how!

Become informed

Know the difference between filling a tummy and giving real food.

Help us get proper food in school feeding schemes and also make it available to pregnant mothers by supporting the INANI Startwell Foundation Project.

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Why we need to take action:

Childhood stunting is one of the most significant impediments to human development, globally affecting approximately 162 million children under the age of 5 years. 

Stunting before the age of 2 years predicts poorer cognitive and educational outcomes in later childhood and adolescence, and has significant educational and economic consequences at the individual, household and community levels.

The Meal

Startwell is a highly nutritious morning meal aimed for underprivileged communities in South Africa. Due to the value of the ingredients, the product is too expensive to be channeled through normal retail and government sponsored feeding schemes. Therefore, an innovative business model was designed and endorsed by various industry specialists and social impact strategists.

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Virtual Fun Walk to raise funds

We partnered with WeGo Journeys by launching a Virtual Fun Walk on Saturday 13 June to create child stunting awareness. Entry is free and there will be nice prices up for grabs. So, join in the fun and enter now!

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Inani Startwell Foundation
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