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Cybersecurity Biweekly Newsletter - June 28th, 2017

Wave of new cyberattacks - "PETYA" spreads, hitting multinationals

  • A widespread cyberattack rippled across Europe on Jun 27th and disrupted the computer systems of banks and major companies in Ukraine, Russia, Britain and elsewhere — mirroring a crippling ransomware Wannacry assault a month ago. Companies across the world have been hit.
  • The malware is being dubbed as "Petya" or "GoldenEye,"  and is harder to stop. An easy-to-us "vaccine" to the virus has been identified but experts are still looking for a kill switch against it.
  • The virus quickly spread to 80 companies in Ukraine and Russia. More than 60 percent of the victims were in Ukraine, followed by Russia with more than 30 percent. Poland, Italy and Germany, were the next-worst affected.
  • Computers that are hit by the malware display a locked screen that demands a $300 bitcoin payment to retrieve files. The malware was delivered in emails that had been created to resemble business correspondence. Seems like attack took days and likely weeks to stage before being activated. 
  • As the ransom amount demanded - was relatively small, the real purpose for the attack remains unknown, with some speculating that it may rather serve the purpose of trying to make a political statement.

Prepare strong security program with NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Businesses of all sizes face potential risks when operating online and therefore need to consider their cybersecurity. Cybersecurity violations can cause substantial financial losses, damage reputation, or cause outages that may permanently damage a company's market position. National Institute of Standards and Technology created the Cybersecurity Framework to help organizations better manage and reduce Cybersecurity risk. The Framework provides organizations with a risk-based compilation of guidelines that can help them identify, implement, and improve cybersecurity practices. It is a standard framework that provides a reasonable base level of cyber security and establishes basic processes and essential controls for cybersecurity. The framework helps organizations understand, structure, manage, and reduce cybersecurity risks. Use of this voluntary Framework is the next step to improve the cybersecurity of our Nation’s critical infrastructure – providing guidance for individual organizations, while increasing the cybersecurity posture of the Nation’s critical infrastructure as a whole.


10 ways to prevent breaches and minimise impact

Attackers are continually adapting to security technologies to fly under the radar. They are increasingly able to avoid detection by adapting their techniques to the tools security defenders are using. Attackers are using tools to launch attacks rather than malware. Also they are using round the clock communications with their command and control servers to avoid detection by security tools that monitor for such communications. Increasingly common ways of getting into organisations, include carrying out phishing attacks through compromised email accounts of the friend, partners, clients and colleagues of their target person and through subscribed mailing lists that tend to be trusted by recipients. But taking action in 10 key areas can reduce the risk of breaches and minimise their impact, according to a resilience expert. 


Companies can take steps to prepare for cyber security breaches and improve brand resiliency.

Each new data breach highlights the challenge a company faces in securing personal information and intellectual property. In our age of information, data is often one of the most valuable assets of a company. Every company should be taking steps to defend itself against the inevitable cyber security attack. Check out here 5 steps to prepare for the inevitable cyber security attack. 


How to make your employees care about cybersecurity: 10 tips

Employees are a company's greatest asset, but also its greatest security risk. If we look at security breaches over the last five to seven years, it's pretty clear that people, whether it's through accidental or intentional introduction of malware, represent the single most important point of failure in terms of security vulnerabilities. In the past, companies could train employees once a year on best practices for security, roll out an annual training and think it's one and done, but that's not enough! Instead, organizations must do people patching: Similar to updating hardware or operating systems, you need to consistently update employees with the latest security vulnerabilities and train them on how to recognize and avoid them. Your people are your assets, and you need to invest in them continually. Here are 10 tips for helping all employees understand cyber risk and best practices.


24By7Security Risk Assessment

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